Attention Travelers: Avoid These US Airports At All Costs

Not all airports are equal. Some offer the best modern amenities and easy clearance, while others pre-date post-9/11 security requirements and decided they didn’t need to keep up. 

You should avoid the worst airports in the United States if possible!


Aerial view of Orlando
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Reddit users claim the security line at Orlando’s airport is one of the worst they’ve ever seen. However, the culprit isn’t outdated systems – it’s fellow travelers. 

40 families ahead of you with exhausted screaming kids – none of whom have ever flown on an airplane before apparently,” stated one user. 


Plane on the runway at Charlotte airport with skyline in the background.
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Charlotte is a hub for American Airlines, so many travelers get connections through the city. Unfortunately, airport planners didn’t consider the vast swatch of travelers using the airport, and many must make a mad dash called the “airport Olympics” to make their connecting flights. 


Image from an airplane window of a flight approaching Honolulu with the aircraft wing in the shot.
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Honolulu’s airport is the worst place to begin your relaxing island getaway. The terminal is dated, the shops close early, and it’s not built to withstand the massive influx of tourists. 


Picture of downtown Miami from between two palm trees on the other side of the water
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Many travelers said Miami’s international concourse is the worst. It starts with the terrifying drive-in for pick-up and drop-off but doesn’t get better. One user said the low ceilings and lack of outlets reminds them of a mental institution. 


A plane on the runway of Newark airport with the skyline in the back.
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New York’s Laguardia Airport appeared numerous times, but travelers said it vastly improved over the past few years. However, Newark, which also serves the New York area, is playing catch up. Though the terminals are easy to navigate, it seems as though the airport is in a constant state of construction.


LAX sign outside the Los Angeles airport lit up at night.
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LAX also sees constant construction. It’s one of the few large US airports without a mass transit system bringing people directly into the terminals, so traffic typically stalls. Fortunately, the city realized the problem, and the Green Line expansion project will connect LA’s paltry public transportation system with the airport.


Ariel view of Denver airport.
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Denver Airport is sprawling like the city it serves. Every terminal and amenity seems miles away from where passengers need to be. You must take a shuttle to the rental cars and pray your connection is at the same concourse because it’s a hike. Denver also has notoriously long security lines. 

Kansas City

Kansas city skyline on a cloudy day at sunset.
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Kansas City airport makes traveling harder than it needs to be. 

The signs were confusing, and the layout was horrible. I had to ask a security guard how to get to the baggage claim because the signs made no sense,” shared one user. 


Pittsburgh city skyline at dusk.
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Pittsburgh is supposedly an international airport, but travelers question that distinction as all the restaurants close far too early. 


Seattle Washington on a clear day so you can see the mountain in the background.
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Seattle Tacoma’s International Airport hasn’t grown with the population. Travelers see tremendous wait times, whether trying to get through security or waiting for their bags. 


Dallas Skyline with the buildings reflected in the water.
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Dallas Fort Worth International Airport is far too spread out for all the connections it sees, and wait times through customs are some of the worst in the country.

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