Ignore the Seedy Reputations and Visit these 15 Fantastic Destinations

You can’t believe everything you hear, especially when it comes to planning a dream vacation. Travelers avoid certain regions due to negative stigmas and overblown rumors, but some of those no-go locations are hidden gems that should top your list. 

These fantastic destinations have seedy reputations, but they’re well worth the visit. 


Baltimore Marlyland from the Harbor at sunset.
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Baltimore has a bad reputation among US cities. Though there may be a few bad neighborhoods, most of the town is perfectly safe. Tourists will enjoy exploring US history through this iconic East Coast city. 


Panoramic view of Kaunas Lithuania.
Photo Credit: raigvi via Shutterstock.com.

The small city in Lithuania doesn’t get many visitors but don’t listen to those telling you to skip it. It’s a charming town bursting with interesting museums and stunning architecture. 


Portion of Chicago Skyline from lake Michigan featuring the Hancock building at sunset.
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Many US citizens refuse to visit Chicago due to the constant negative news coverage. Chicago has a few rough areas, like any major city, but the massive downtown area is perfectly safe and hosts some of the country’s best food, museums, and cultural icons. 


Tollymore Park Gate in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
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Northern Ireland has a bit of a reputation, especially among the English. Don’t listen to naysayers who’ve been flooded with propaganda. Belfast is a fantastic city. 


A gondola on the canal with Rialto Bridge in the background in Venice, Italy.
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People try to warn tourists away from Venice, but that’s primarily due to the flood of other tourists. It may be touristy and crowded, but it’s filled with stunning architecture, gorgeous canals, and the best of Italian culture. 


Pittsburgh city skyline at dusk.
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When you think of old steel towns that couldn’t survive the 21st century, Pittsburgh comes to mind. However, that reputation is entirely unjustified. Pittsburgh was an old steel town, but it grew and adapted with the times to become a top tourist destination in Pennsylvania


Athens skyline at dusk with the acropolis in the distance.
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Don’t listen to naysayers trying to bring Athens down. They’ll say it’s dirty, crowded, and dangerous, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The city bursts with history, but it’s worth visiting for the food alone. 


The Grand Palace at Bangkok, Thailand.
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The enormous Thai city has a seedy reputation, but don’t let that deter you. Although some parts are a little dirty and questionable, most of the city offers tourists one-of-a-kind experiences. From the floating markets to the Buddist temples to the modern conveniences, you’ll be impressed by this city everyone told you to avoid. 

New Orleans

Stylized empty Bourbon Street in New Orleans LA at sunset.
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It’s dirty, seedy, and fabulous! People disparage New Orleans for its dirty streets, drunken debauchery, and constant revelry, but that’s part of the charm. 

Outside the party, it’s also filled with some of the tastiest food you’ll ever eat and cultural icons you won’t find anywhere else. 


aerial view of Paris with the eiffel tower in it
Photo Credit: S.Borisov via Shutterstock.com.

Paris gets a ton of hate. People call the city dirty, the people rude, and the atmosphere snobbish. But we love it. 

Paris features some of the greatest artistic masterpieces in the world, delicious food, and a unique culture that you have to experience at least once. 


Detroit Michigan skyline.
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Detroit has an awful reputation among US citizens, but it’s far better than the media would have you believe. There are many cool things to do in the Motor City, and the people have a lot of heart. 

Sao Paulo

The wire bridge in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Photo Credit: Thiago Leite via Shutterstock.com.

Many tourists avoid Sao Paulo due to crime reports, but you won’t have any trouble if you’re savvy and aware of your surroundings. It’s a gorgeous city with lots of fantastic cuisine and tons of exciting things for tourists to do. 


The tower of Pisa leaning behind a church
Photo Credit: Gabriele Maltinti via Shutterstock.com.

Lots of people say Pisa is overrated, but some folks enjoy it. The small city is famous for the Leaning Tower, and although it’s overrun with tourists trying to take their standard shot holding up the tower, it’s worth the day trip from Florence. 


Philadelphia skyline on a bright blue day.
Photo Credit: Gang Liu via Shutterstock.com.

Philadelphians don’t do the city any favors as far as reputation goes. The people who booed Santa and destroyed a friendly robot really stretch the nickname “city of brotherly love,” but if you can look past that, you can enjoy the rich history of America’s founding city. 


Where the cliff meets the ocean at Lima, Peru.
Photo Credit: Allen.G via Shutterstock.com.

Travelers tend to use Lima as a springboard to the “cool” places in Peru, like Machu Pichu or Nazca, but it’s worth visiting in its own right. 

The city has many unique neighborhoods, each bursting with a distinct cultural flavor, delicious foods, and fantastic scenery. 


picture of palm trees pointing toward the sky
Photo Credit: Tonktiti via Shutterstock.com.

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