Tourists Beware! Travelers Share the Worst (and Most Embarrassing) Mistakes They’ve Made on a Trip

Travel offers so much: the chance to visit exotic locals, immerse yourself in culture, and explore the world’s bounties. However, it can turn disastrous when you make an embarrassing mistake on your journey. 

Enjoy secondhand embarrassment while cringing at the biggest travel mistakes even seasoned pros make!

Wrong Airport

Plane on the runway at Charlotte airport with skyline in the background.
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Many major cities have multiple airports. One traveler shared that they missed their flight after going to the wrong airport in Berlin. Visitors to London, Ireland, New York, and Paris admitted to doing the same thing. 

Expired Passport

A man sits alone in an airport terminal burying his head in he lap.
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One woman shared that her husband didn’t bother to check his passport until the day of their journey to Barcelona. 

It was expired. She decided to ditch him and go alone. 

Is it a Bus or a Train?

A subway train on an elevated track in New York.
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Booking transport can be confusing, especially in foreign countries. Many travelers said they booked what they thought was a train, only to miss their bus because they were at the wrong place. 

What Time is my Flight?

Image from an airplane window of a flight approaching Honolulu with the aircraft wing in the shot.
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Far too many admitted to missing their flights because they didn’t know whether it was AM or PM. Many tickets now use military time to avoid confusion. 

Here, Hold My Wallet

Woman biting her lip while holding open an empty wallet on a blue background.
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People don’t make the best decisions while drunk. One man admitted to asking a strange couple to hold his wallet while enjoying a night out in Thailand. He lost track of them and woke up alone, sans wallet.

Although he thought he was out of luck, the story has a happy ending. The couple tracked him down and sent his wallet back. 

That’s Not Your Luggage!

traveler who is dressed for a flight is making the begging signs with his hands.
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Far too many people have standard black roller suitcases. As line after line of similar-looking luggage comes off the conveyer belt, it’s far too easy to make off with the wrong one. 

Wrong Dates

A man and a woman dressed like they're traveling with unhappy expressions.
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Have you ever arrived at your hotel only to discover you booked for the wrong dates? What a horrible mistake to learn after a long flight. 

Which City am I Visiting?

bored couple sitting on a bench with suitcases
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Are you going to Vancouver, Washington, or Vancouver, Canada? Far too many travelers make this mistake and only discover they’re in the wrong hotel when they try to check-in. 

Busted Beers

A man faceplaming
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One traveler admitted that they tried to pack a bunch of beer bottles in their checked duffle bags. Of course, the bottles broke en route and soaked not only their luggage but everyone else’s.

Forgetting Essentials

Person sitting next to their open suitcase with their hands out as if they have lost something.
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Far too many people forgot to pack underwear for their trip. These folks don’t usually go commando, and the chaffing created massive problems. 

What’s the Weather Like?

Happy man dressed like a tourist holding his passport up and his luggage over his shoulder.
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Many travelers make random assumptions about the weather or forget they’re traveling somewhere with a different climate. One person didn’t think they’d need winter weather gear when visiting Istanbul in December, and another completely forgot that Chicago winters feel different than South Texas winters. 

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