How Las Vegas Truly is Disneyland for Adults

Vegas Baby!!

The playground, often dubbed “Disneyland for Adults,” stands proud as the most prominent party destination in the United States. 

Some folks aren’t convinced. Does Sin City live up to the party town hype?

Fun Things About Las Vegas

Las Vegas offers tons of fun for travelers looking for an escape. The atmosphere is unlike any other city in the country. Everything about the vibe screams, “You’re here to party. Let’s have a good time!”

Vegas is one of the only cities in the country that allows you to carry drinks around as you hop from bar to bar  (Savannah and New Orleans are also on the shortlist!) 

The downtown area bursts with nightclubs, bars, restaurants, shows, and gambling; the list is endless! 

Or so the city wants you to believe. 

Sin City is Over-Rated

The list of things to do in Las Vegas isn’t as infinite as it seems. Outside the party, the city offers a handful of novelty museums and attractions, but that’s the extent of the adventure. 

Here’s what Las Vegas truly offers. 

Booze and Games

There are only two main things to do in Las Vegas – drink and gamble. Both will cost you quite a bit of money. 

If you love gambling – the slot machines, the sparkling lights, roulette, Texas Hold ’em, Craps, and all of those games, then Vegas is the city for you. No other city in the country can rival the gambling experience of Las Vegas. 

Las Vegas is also your city if you love sipping novelty cocktails at themed bars. You’ll find Western bars, rock bars, jazz lounges, dance clubs, and various venues catering to every taste. 

Party Time!

Las Vegas has also done an excellent job marketing itself as a party city. 

It’s true. Nearly every casino also has a club, lounge, or bar where you can continue the party when you’re done with the slots. Most have outdoor pools with drinking games and bars, so you can take the party outside on even the hottest summer days. 

However, if you’re only looking for a party, Las Vegas may not be the best option. The bars aren’t all that different from the venues in other large cities, and they’re double the cost. They’re also extremely crowded, making it difficult to enjoy yourself. I tried dancing at one of the casino clubs, but it was jammed so full of people that I could barely move. 

If you go to Vegas for the party atmosphere, you could save a lot of time and money by taking an Uber to your nearest city or college town, bar hop to your heart’s content, and take an Uber back. 

You get the party, don’t have to worry about driving, and don’t have to pay for a plane ticket or a hotel room. You can have just as much fun at a club in Kansas City as at a club in Los Vegas – even more since you don’t have to deal with the hefty crowds. 

*Cough Cough!*

The smoke is another downside to Vegas (to me, at least). Nevada is one of the few states that still allow smoking indoors. Although most bars and restaurants ban it, most casinos do not.

Smokers may love the opportunity to light one up while playing the slots, but it can be a massive shock to non-smokers who aren’t used to being in a cloud of secondhand smoke. 

Buy all the Things!

Las Vegas abounds with luxury shopping. Most of the vast malls feature high-end designer stores you’ll only find in New York, Paris, and Los Angeles

Although window shopping in casinos is entertaining for a while, most of the items featured are beyond the reach of middle-class shoppers. 

Those on tighter budgets can head to the malls, which feature all the clothing stores you know and love, like H&M, Forever 21, and other mall staples. However, most of us have these same options in our hometowns. Why travel to Vegas to shop at the same stores you have at home?

If you’re a middle-class shopper, the “shopping” in Las Vegas isn’t worthwhile. 

An Oven in the Summer

Head to Las Vegas in the middle of summer for a taste of misery. The heat is incredible. 

You can hardly walk a block before succumbing to dehydration. Mixing alcohol with this heat is dangerous. 

To beat the heat, head to the hotel pool. Most hotels on the strip have a nice pool with a great bar and cabanas. Book well in advance to ensure you can nab one, as they go quickly!

Those who can’t afford the outrageous expense of a cabana can opt to rent a beach chair instead. 

Although pools offer the opportunity to stay cool on hot days, they get crowded quickly. A fun pool party quickly turns into shoving as many bodies into a pool as humanly possible. And remember, most of those people have been drinking. 

It’s a little gross if you think about it. 

You Should Go To Vegas

Despite its downfalls, everyone should go to Las Vegas at least once. It’s a bucket list location everyone needs to experience. Many of the cool features outside the party atmosphere are worth checking out. 

Here’s what you need to see when you visit. 

The Shows

 The shows are spectacular. There’s live music, street performers, and shows around every corner.  I highly recommend the Cirque Du Soleil “Love” show, but you can’t go wrong with Cirque Du Soleil.  

The outside shows are just as spectacular as the inside ones. Check out the dancing fountains of the Bellagio, the pirate show outside Treasure Island, and the light show in Old Town. 

Novelty Museums

Las Vegas bursts with novelty museums and attractions. Everyone loves visiting the pawn shop from the hit show Pawn Stars, but the city also features a wide range of niche museums and attractions. 

There’s a mob museum, neon museum, atomic museum, pinball hall of fame, Titanic exhibit, punk museum, and more. If you love novelty kitsch, you’ll love all the specialty museums in Las Vegas. 

The Food

Lots of people visit Las Vegas for the food. Every hotel features a vast buffet filled with everything you could ever want. Although pricey, you get a lot of food for your money. The quality varies. The lower-end hotels have loads of food but don’t offer some specialty items, while the higher-end hotels have things like crab legs and oysters. 

Las Vegas is renowned for fine dining experiences. It has a handful of Michelin Star restaurants and kitchens featuring celebrity cooks, making it a Mecca for foodie travelers. 

Things Do Do Nearby

A significant advantage to a vacation in Vegas is all the cool stuff nearby. You can visit Hoover Dam and Lake Mead, take a lower Antelope Canyon tour, and visit many other incredible places using Las Vegas as a home base. 

There are tons of great day trips you can embark upon from Vegas.

Disneyland for Adults Is Right

The slogan “Disneyland for Adults” is far more accurate than anyone would imagine. Las Vegas is touristy, expensive, crowded, and fun the first time around. 

But, much like the real Disneyland, the magic fades, and it gets old fast. 

3 thoughts on “How Las Vegas Truly is Disneyland for Adults”

  1. I won’t lie – I love Vegas, it might be flashy and overpriced – but it just makes me smile whenever I think about it.
    l rode a limo down the strip (with my head stuck out of the sunroof!), went on the rides at the top of the stratosphere, watched the Freemont street light show by laying on the ground and loved the Bellagio fountains.
    Vegas might be tacky – and maybe my fascination comes from the fact that living outside the US it isn’t somewhere I can just visit on a whim, but either way – Vegas is awesome in my eyes 🙂

    • Thanks for the perspective!! Actually, I know I’m in the minority in my opinion, most people I know love it! I thought it would be fun to post my contrary opinion lol. Its also only a 4 hour drive from me, so maybe that is why it kind of lost its appeal for me. I’m glad you enjoy it though 🙂

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