“Dear Gen Z” Creates Social Media Firestorm

“Dear Gen Z,” began the viral post on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter. 

It went on to blame the Republican party for all society’s ills, including the lack of healthcare, stagnant wages, overpriced education, and lack of opportunity. 

The tweet ended in a plea to vote Blue now and forever, to make the country work for all its people and not just the uber-wealthy. 

Signed, Gen X

See the Tweet:


So Much Controversy

The post received over 2000 reposts and 6000 likes but was also bombarded with a slue of comments, both in support of and opposed to the overall message. 

Here are some of the best reactions on both sides of the aisle to a Gen Xer’s plea to Gen Z. 

No, The Democrats Are the Problem!

Those against the Tweet pointed to the value of hard work as a virtue or claimed the Democratic party is holding folks back. Some simply mocked the original poster, as they had nothing of value to contribute to the conversation. 


We Hear You, Poster!

Many others agreed with the original poster. Gen Zers simply claimed their support, while members of all generations shared their thoughts about how voting Blue could help change the tide. 


Both Sides To Blame

Some responses to the Tweet showed America’s divide may not be as big as we thought. Many people see through the politics and realize both sides have issues. Democrats and Republicans both care about their wealthy donors more than they care about you; Republicans are just more honest about it. 


What’s the Answer?

America is divided. People struggling to achieve the American dream are looking for anyone and anything to blame for their dire situation, and many are simply picking the team they’re used to, digging in on both sides’ horrible policies because it makes them feel like part of a group. 

If we don’t come together soon and start voting for our own best interests rather than the wealthy’s, society as we know it will cease to exist. Stop screaming red is better than blue or blue is better than red, and start examining the real issues. Vote for the candidates that have real solutions, regardless of what team they’re on.