12 Objectively Pointless Things People Take Way Too Seriously

 We don’t want to yuck anyone’s yum, but some folks take their “yums” way too seriously. Here are 12 trivial things people obsess over. 

Social Media Following

Female social media influencer holding a "follow" sign in one hand and a "like & subscribe" sign in the other.
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It doesn’t matter how many Facebook friends, Twitter (X) followers, or Reddit Karma you earn. If you’re not trying to make a living online, these numbers are just vanity metrics. Who cares who has more Facebook friends?

Beauty Pageants

Nervous child with a microphone in her face at a beauty pageant.
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Beauty pageants are outdated rituals that celebrate women for their looks. They’re dripping in misogyny, but some people obsess over them. Don’t even get us started on the child beauty pageants. 

Name Brand Clothes

Interior of a modern clothing story showcasing women's fashion.
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People waste tons of money on certain brands to make others think they fit a certain image. It’s all about ego and one day, you’ll realize how shallow the obsession over what brand people wear really is. 

Secret Wages

Man holding money to his side, looking over his shoulder as if someone is going to take his money. Miserly looking man guarding his money
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In the United States, discussions about wages remain taboo. People get secretive about how much they earn and for no good reason. 

The stigma against wage discussions was started by companies who want to pay people as little as they can get away with. Corporations are the only losers when people freely discuss wages

The Right Phone

A man stands to use his hand on a cell phone that's bigger than he is which stands in his living room.
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People take their phones way too seriously. Apple users refuse to consider Android, while Android users think Apple users are stuck up. It’s just a phone guys, who cares?

Gaming Cosmetics

An excited gamer playing with her overlays showing on the screen to represent how to become a Twitch Affiliate.
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Skins, outfits, and charms are big business. Gaming companies give the game away for free because they know people will pay small fortunes for aesthetics. 


celebrity signing autographs for a group of ecstatic fans.
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Why do people care what their favorite celebrity ate for dinner or where they went that night? People obsess over celebrities as if they’re best friends. It’s a little weird. 


Diamond engagment ring on a finger.
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Our obsession with diamonds results from a clever marketing campaign by a multinational corporation. Sure, they’re pretty, but they aren’t nearly as rare and exclusive as marketing makes them seem. 

Family Honor

Prideful arrogant looking man pointing downwards.
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We need to take a serious turn and discuss the horrific behavior of people who take family honor too seriously. People murder their own relatives for the sake of “honor.” The practice needs to end. 


Pretty green grass in a well manicured front lawn landscape.
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The obsession with a deep green lawn is out of control. People take immense pride in their lawns, and to what end? If we stopped trying to get the best lawn, we could shift to yards with natural flora. 

Their Egos

Handsome man smugly admiring himself in the mirror.
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Some folks take themselves too seriously. They can’t ever be wrong, can’t ever change their minds, and have no idea how to laugh at themselves. Like Van Wilder said, “You can’t take life too seriously; you’ll never get out alive.”


group of people dressed in different sporting gear to represent a variety of professional sports
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We all love a good game, but we don’t need to burn the town down when our team wins. 

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