14 Messed-Up Trends that Arose in the Last Decade We Wish Would End

Times change, and not always for the better. Here are the 14 worst trends that arose over the past decade that we desperately wish would disappear. 

All The Subscriptions

man choosing a subscription plan from a computer screen holding his credit card.
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We hate that ownership is getting replaced with subscription services. Everything from car features to software to even housing is now primarily available on a subscription model. We want to own things again. 

YouTube Families

Female social media influencer holding a "follow" sign in one hand and a "like & subscribe" sign in the other.
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It’s one thing to parade your own life around for likes and ad revenue, but it’s messed up to expose your kids to public scrutiny for their entire lives. 

Making Everything About Money

Confused woman holding a wad of cash money.
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Humans are no longer allowed to enjoy things. All their hobbies and passions, everything they do, must be in the pursuit of money. Many of us want to enjoy things for the sake of them, not to make money. 

Reaction Videos

Man and woman making a reaction video.
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Older folks find Gen Z’s obsession with reaction videos baffling. Why are we watching someone else react to a thing when we could do the thing and react ourselves?

Constant Filming

Someone filming a young child with their phone.
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Some folks can’t exist publicly without filming every little thing for social media content. Others block public access so they can film their strange dances. Public spaces aren’t just backdrops for social media views. 


Man making a stupid face and pointing to his head as if to say "duh"
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There was a time when education was celebrated, and we trusted scientists. Now, we pretend that Joe Schmoe, who can’t even read, has an opinion that’s just as valid as someone who’s researched in the field for forty years. 

Distrust of Science

Hands reaching toward the nucleus of an atom.
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With anti-intellectualism came a rising distrust of science. For some reason, they think all scientists are working in some kind of massive conspiracy to do who knows what. Most scientists don’t make that much money – they’re in it because they believe in their field and want to make the world a better place. 

Social Media Influencers

Woman using her phone with social media icons floating out of it. She also has a laptop open.
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Social media used to be a fun way to connect with friends and share ideas with strangers, but now it’s about building a fake following to profit. 

Lip Fillers

A woman has cream and plastic on her lips as she awaits a cosmetic procedure.
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The media constantly bombards women with messages that they aren’t good enough as is. It seems like each decade, there’s a new beauty standard that’s impossible to achieve. Lately, it’s lip fillers. 

Tipping Culture

a five dollar bill, some singles, and some change on a plate representing a tip at a restaurant.
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Tipping culture has exploded in recent years. What once was limited to servers and pizza delivery drivers morphed into an out-of-control eating machine. Now, we’re asked to tip with nearly every transaction we make. 


A laptop with a news report on it that has a giant stamp "censored" on it.
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Social media algorithms censor a lot of words and phrases, thinking it’s “helpful” when, in reality, it shuts down vital conversations about sensitive topics. 

Gender Reveals

Sleeping infant wrapped in light blue bear blanket on a blue grey background.
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People get way too worked up over the sex of their child. We get wanting an excuse to throw a party, but stop getting mad when it’s the “wrong” gender, and stop setting fire to forests in a weird attempt to make your party better.


An attractive man making a rude face and pointing with both his hands.
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Is it just us, or have people in general gotten ruder? People no longer say please and thank you; they scream at service workers for minor inconveniences, and they act like they’re the only person in the world who matters. 

Self-Diagnosed Disorders

Therapist listening to her patient holding a clipboard.
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Everyone online has some type of neurodivergence, but the real problem is no one actually diagnosed them. They just claim they have it to excuse their bad behavior. 

Of course, if we had affordable healthcare, people would be able to see a doctor to find out if anything is really wrong. We don’t, so people have to do what they can. 

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