15 Societal Expectations that Just Don’t Work for Everyone

Society expects everyone to fit in perfect little boxes, but we don’t. Here are 12 things society expects of us that don’t work for everyone. 

Constant Hustling

Frustrated woman sitting behind a desk rubbing her temples.
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The new idea that you must constantly work to survive highlights the disconnect between societal expectations and real life. Not everyone can work 24/7, and it’s perfectly okay to enjoy your free time relaxing. 

Be Your Own Boss

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Entrepreneurship stands firm as the American Ideal, but not everyone is cut out for it. Some folks just want to work their forty hours and not worry about work after hours. 


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The push for everyone to be a leader hurts those not cut out for leadership (and the people forced under them). Everyone has different strengths, and we should celebrate those rather than pigeonhole everyone into roles that don’t suit them. 


A poor man holds out his empty pockets to show he has no money.
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America has a weird relationship with poverty. Rather than place the blame where it belongs, at the system, we blame individuals and say they wouldn’t be poor if they just tried harder. 


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Society slams everyone with the idea that marriage is the gateway to adulthood and the key to a happy life. Lots of people are better off staying single. 


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The insistence that everyone has kids leads to horrible outcomes for both the people who weren’t ready to be parents and the kids who suffer from their neglect. 

Having it All

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We love pretending people can have everything they want. The dream house, blissful marriage, 2.5 kids, and dream career are all in reach, but you probably can’t have them all at the same time. 

Social Media

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Social media is a pit of despair, but people act like you’re the weird one if you opt-out. 

Drinking Culture

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Americans rely on booze for a good time and sometimes look down on those who choose not to imbibe. 


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When Millennials were in high school, our parents told us we must go to college for a successful life. The idea that college is the only path to success lives on despite the outrageous cost of education. 

A Forty-Year Career

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Society expects us to spend our best years working for someone else. We typically have no choice because we need to work to survive. With all the advances in society, we shouldn’t have to give our best years for basic survival. 

At Forty Hours Per Week

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The forty-hour work week leaves little time for leisure after we factor in sleep, commutes, and other obligations. It may have worked during the Industrial Revolution, but it’s time to find a better system. 

Early Birds

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Why does everything have to start early? Some folks are early birds; others are late risers. Why does society push us all onto the same schedule?

Hook Up Culture

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Society puts outrageous pressure on young folks to hook up. Men face the worst of it, with people calling their masculinity and personhood into question if they refuse to participate. 


figure of a man carrying bag of debt on his bag in the center of a maze
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Debt is a giant ball and chain holding everyone back, yet the constant barrage of credit ads and the outrageous cost of pretty much everything makes it challenging to avoid. 

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