Life’s Biggest Challenges: 12 Tough Problems People Struggle to Navigate

Life throws plenty of curveballs. Here are the most significant problems real people are trying to navigate through in today’s world.

Work Stress

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Productivity is higher than ever, yet companies want more and more. They reduce staff and pile as much as possible on one person until they reach their breaking point. 

A Break-Up

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Navigating life without a partner when you’ve been together for decades takes a massive amount of strength. It could take years to get back on your feet. 

Single Parenthood

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Raising a kid is tough these days, and it’s even harder when you have to go at it alone. 


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Ageism, sexism, racism, and all the other biases floating around the world make advancement difficult for many, especially in fields known for the “good ole boy” club. 

Family Illness

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Caring for a loved one stricken with a chronic or terminal condition would wreak most of us. Our expensive healthcare system and lack of time off make it even harder, but it’s far worse when you’re child is sick. 

Can’t Afford To Split

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Sometimes breaking up is devastating, but sometimes it’s the best course for both people. However, in today’s economy, people who should break up are forced to stay together, causing even more grief. 

Money Problems

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The rising cost of living coupled with stagnant wages is the biggest problem facing millions of people. They’re struggling to afford rent and buy groceries. Meanwhile, they’re falling deeper and deeper into debt to stay afloat. 

Sandwich Generation

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The mid-life sandwich creates trying times. Parents are struggling to raise their kids while caring for their aging relatives. It’s physically, mentally, and financially draining. 


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The internet was supposed to offer us more connection, but instead, we’ve all isolated ourselves into bubbles and can’t seem to build authentic human connections. Real-world communities disappeared, replaced with sterile online versions. 

Faith in Humanity

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Reading the news and scrolling social media shows us the very worst aspects of our fellow man. It’s harder and harder to maintain faith in humanity. 

Health Issues

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With the outrageous cost of health care, many people have to deal with their health problems on their own. They’re struggling with both mental and physical health problems, yet can’t afford to get the care they desperately need. 

What To Do With My Life?

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Many of us face the inner challenge of determining why we’re here and what we should do. The endless array of options makes it hard to pick a path. 

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