Rich Folks Say the Darndest Things: Outrageous Things the Wealthy Say Proving They’re Clueless

Have you ever heard a wealthy person say something outrageously out of touch with ordinary folks?

Their thoughts and ideas sometimes make us plebians wonder how they ever achieved their vast fortunes. 

Here are the most ridiculous things we’ve heard rich people say that prove how clueless they really are. 

I Have No Money

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Hearing your wealthy boss complain about how they have no money after returning from a 3-week trip to Europe always makes the common folks roll their eyes. 

The wealthy have no idea what “I have no money” actually means. 

Money Doesn’t Solve Everything

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The rich may have problems that money can’t solve, but money sure would solve 90% of most people’s problems. 

Lack of healthcare, inability to buy groceries, lack of time for self-improvement, and poor living conditions could all be solved with wealth. 

We’re in this Together

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Nothing made ordinary folks rage more during the COVID pandemic than those “feel good” videos from celebrities walking the grounds of their giant mansions trying to convince the commoners, “We’re all in this together.”

Don’t Talk Salary

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Rich people love to tell their servants – I mean workers – that they shouldn’t discuss wages amongst themselves. They’ve convinced the masses that salary talks are taboo so that people won’t discover they’re mistreated. 

Nobody Wants To Work Anymore

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Wealthy folks love to wax poetic about how no one wants to work while paying poverty wages and treating their employees like trash. 

We All Have the Same 24 Hours

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Yes, every day has 24 hours, but they aren’t the same. Rich people have staff to handle the day-to-day tasks like cooking, cleaning, and raising the kids that poor people have to do on their own. 

You have far more time if you can pay someone else to do all the stuff you don’t want to do. 

Being Poor is a Choice

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Those with generational wealth can’t fathom the realities of generational poverty. They really think people choose to be poor. 

No One Helped Me

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Some rich people are so out of touch they’ll claim no one helped them succeed even though their father made them vice president of his company. They don’t see the help their parents gave them as help. 

If I Can Do It, So Can You

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Far too many articles featuring millennials saying they made a fortune claim anyone can do what they did. Then, when you read the whole piece, you learn that their rich parents bought them a house or paid for their college. 

You’re right; I could be a millionaire, too, if my parents could afford to buy me a whole house. 

Just Work Hard

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Wealthy people always think they ascend through the ranks with hard work alone. The harsh truth they never admit is that some of the world’s hardest workers scrape by on minimum wage, and it takes much more than just hard work to succeed. 

It Trickles Down

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The idea that wealth trickles down from the rich to the poor guided policy for generations. The rich still claim it’s true as they hoard more and more assets each year. 

Stop Buying Coffee

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Do you really think a five-dollar cup of coffee once a week is the thing keeping people poor? Foregoing that sweet treat would give us enough money to pay for one month’s rent after five years. 

Poor People Are Lazy

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Rich folks constantly deride the poor, calling them lazy for refusing to work 80-hour weeks to better themselves. We’d like to see the rich folks who say stuff like this survive one day working the menial jobs the poor survive on. 

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