The Privilege and Extreme Vulnerability of Stay-at-Home Motherhood

It’s an absolute privilege to enjoy the financial stability to stay home and raise your kids if that’s something you value. 

However, no one talks about the extreme vulnerability stay-at-home mothers face. 

Most stay-at-home moms aren’t independently wealthy. They don’t have trust funds, and they haven’t achieved financial independence. They can stay home because their husbands, the fathers, work hard and provide for them and the children. 

And it’s a highly vulnerable position to be in. 

Thankful and Vulnerable

One woman stirred a lively comment section when she posted on X, the social media channel formerly known as Twitter, about her privileged yet vulnerable position. 

She began with how thankful she is but admitted that she’s 100% reliant on her husband for her financial security, now and in the future. 


She added that she’s been out of the workforce for six years and isn’t eligible to draw her own social security benefits. She’s entirely dependent on her husband. 

Many Women Found Out the Hard Way

The post gave many women in similar positions the opportunity to share their stories. Many learned a harsh lesson that you can never depend on someone else for your livelihood. 

These women had their worlds turned upside down when their husbands cheated, suffered a traumatic illness, or just decided they didn’t want to be married to them anymore. 


Stay-at-Home Moms Understand

Even stay-at-home moms who feel secure in their marriages acknowledge the massive amount of trust they put in their husbands. 


 The Harsh Truth of Motherhood

The post highlights a harsh truth about motherhood. The entire experience leaves women vulnerable, especially in a society that doesn’t value motherhood. 

Women have the agonizing decision to stay home and raise their kids while sacrificing their earning power and risking a life of destitution should the marriage not work out or continue with their careers while someone else raises her kids. 

Moms who stay home get called lazy freeloaders, and moms who work get called selfish. Moms can’t win no matter what they do. 

Society would be much better off if we collectively started to celebrate motherhood rather than punish it.