The School of Hard Knocks: Valuable Lessons a Rough Life Teaches

We all cringe when someone says they graduated from the “School of Hard Knocks,” but sometimes a challenging upbringing can impart vital life lessons. 

Who Your Friends Are

A teenager comforting his sad friend.
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It’s easy to make and keep friends when things are going well. When things get tough, the people you thought were your friends may turn their backs on you. 

People graduating from the School of Hard Knocks had it tough, and they know the friends who stuck with them through thick and thin are their true friends. 

Life Isn’t Fair

A sad depressed woman sits hugging her knees close to her chest.
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In the real world, cheaters win while honest folk fail. The world isn’t just. It doesn’t care that you’re a good person. 

Sometimes, bad things happen to good people, and you must figure out how to deal with them. 

The Most Important Bills

Woman looks at a bill and costs the palrty few dollars she has aina her wallet with a worried expression on her face.
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Those living paycheck to paycheck must sometimes decide whether to pay the electric bill or the rent. They know exactly how long until each utility cuts them off and how to juggle so they maintain their service despite their lack of payment. 

How To Toe the Line

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You know the guy at work who does just enough to skate by but isn’t bad enough for the supervisor to fire? People who went through the School of Hard Knocks are masters of toeing the line, particularly in matters of questionable legality. 

Working Hard

An exhausted service worker wearing a hat and apron has her eyes closed and her hand on her head.
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One thing we have to grant folks who had tough lives is that they know the value of hard work. These folks had nothing handed to them. They had to fight tooth and nail for scraps and rose through the ranks through grit and determination. 

Looking Out for Number One

A slefish looking man arrogantly pointing at himself.
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The School of Hard Knocks always teaches a harsh truth about life: you’re all you’ve got. Sure, some folks have family and friends willing to help, but ultimately, you’re on your own. 

Some would call people selfish for looking out for their own best interests, and sometimes they’re right. But it’s also okay to be selfish every now and again. 

Stretching the Food Budget

woman enjoying cheap food - ramen noodles in a bowl
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Many folks who graduated from the School of Hard Knocks grew up poor. As such, they found innovative ways to eat on less. These folks mastered crafting delicious meals from the cheapest grocery store staples. 

Frugal Food Hacks to Spice Up the Cheapest Meals

bowl of mac and cheese with bacon on top
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Learn from the School of Hard Knocks. 

Here are some hacks that can help these cheap staples become meals fit for kings!

How to Hustle

Business man sitting in the air crosslegged with multiple arms coming out doing many different things.
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Working hard is half the battle. Hustling is the other half. When you have no job prospects, you must find ways to survive. People learning life the hard way join the gig economy and take whatever side jobs they can get to pay the bills. 

People Skills

A diverse group of people mingling at a business party.
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Part of hustling is learning how to interact with people. If you want that job painting a living room, you must know the right person to refer you. 

The School of Hard Knocks teaches that you need other people to survive. 


Siloutte of people holding lifted hands in the sunset to represent teamwork.
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The most valuable lesson learned in the School of Hard Knocks is perseverance. This school will knock you flat on your back, but you’ve got to get up and keep on keeping on.

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