14 Modern Artifacts Slowly Fading Into Oblivion

The last decade has seen massive changes in technology and our lives. However, with change comes loss. Here are 14 things on their way out. 


man choosing a subscription plan from a computer screen holding his credit card.
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Lots of products and services are moving to subscription models. We no longer own games, music, car features, or software. Homeownership is shifting out of reach for the masses. What other industries will see ways to make more money by shifting from ownership?

Words and Labels

Artist using a pen tablet to create a digital work of art.
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The new Microsoft Office design replaces words like “copy” and “rename” with weird symbols, making navigating harder for people. But they’re not the only ones; most software companies opt for a “minimalistic approach” because it seems cooler. 

Cool Logos

Graphic designer using a display tablet to draw a car.
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Companies used to make really cool, 3D logos to appeal to a hip, modern crowd. Minimalism is in; graphic design is out. 

Genuine Product Reviews

A woman thinking while holding a stack of money in her hand to represent how much is six figures and a six figure salary.
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Why give your honest opinion about a product when you can make money with a glowing review? Affiliate marketing changed the product review game. People don’t always share honest opinions because they’re more interested in making a buck. 

Magazine Shops

Man browsing a newspaper at the newspaper stand.
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There used to be shops dedicated to obscure and niche magazines. While most bookstores still have a magazine section, you’ll rarely see a store dedicated to them. 


Old public pay phone outside next to a bench.
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With most people having a cell phone, public pay phones have disappeared. Think about the last time you saw one. 


Man looks happy as he covers his ears to drown out any new information. Blissful ignorance.
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When cell phones emerged, everyone rushed to download fun ringtones to show off their fabulous personalities. We collectively decided that any ringing phone is annoying and all keep our phones on silent. 

Good Google Results

A man sits in a wheelchair with a laptop in his lap. He's turned towards the camera and smiling.
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Google reigned supreme as the king of search for decades. However, as scammers learned to game the system, Google struggled to keep up. The changes meant to improve search results often did the opposite, making it harder and harder for people to find what they want. 

Decent, Affordable Clothes

Woman holding a pile of folded clothes in a living room with clothes in a pile on the floor behind her.
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The fast fashion industry assumes you’ll toss everything out after the season, so why would they bother making clothes that last? Getting a decent shirt that won’t unravel after a few washes is tough. 

Third Spaces

A group of friends at the bowling alley. The view from the lane as a woman throws the ball.
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Third spaces are community places where people congregate. People used to have work, home, and a fun third place, allowing them to mingle with community members and make friends. Now, people only have work and home. 

Frozen Yogurt

homemade plain yogurt in a wooden bowl with a wooden spoon
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Frozen yogurt had its day in the sun. Now, people have moved on to the newest food trend. Many frozen yogurt shops were replaced with boba shops. 


Mobile phone user accepting the terms of service and privacy policy displayed on the screen.
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We all happily gave up our privacy for the fun and convenience of mobile phone apps. We give our data to nameless companies and agree to any terms and conditions they throw in our faces. 

Physical Copies

small pile of cds.
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The shift to digital media means people no longer buy physical copies of movies, games, and music. Everything is online. We’ll all be really bored if the internet goes out. 


Monarch butterfly on a pink flower.
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Twenty years ago, the night would light up with fireflies. We’d watch the dragonflies dance on the river, and the bees float from flower to flower. 

We may enjoy a world with fewer mosquitos, but the slow disappearance of insects portends a disaster up ahead. 

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