12 Great Jobs You Can Land Without a Degree

They say you need to go to college to get a great job. However, there are loads of available jobs out there that allow you to earn 50K or more without a college education. 

Check out these unique jobs earning over fifty thousand dollars per year!

Autopsy Technician

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Though doctors perform autopsies, their helpers don’t need a fancy degree. Autopsy techs must understand basic anatomy and have a strong stomach, but it’s a fantastic career opportunity for those who don’t mind working with corpses. 

Union Warehouse

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Good warehousing jobs still exist. Many offer competitive salaries and excellent benefits in exchange for long hours loading, unloading, and stacking boxes. 

Software Consultant

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If you know a good deal about a specific software package, you can make good money as a consultant. Learn the ins and outs of systems that big corporations use, like Salesforce, to make yourself an indispensable asset. 

Graphic Design

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Great artists can make money without a degree. Many graphic designers build their portfolios through freelance work, and if they’re good enough, they can transition into a corporate position. 


An electrician working with wires.
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The trades will always be in high demand. Union electricians make above-average salaries and can even start their own businesses if they want. 


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Line cooks make paltry salaries, but you can earn an excellent wage if you excel at a cooking specialty like baking. 

Oil Field

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Oil Field workers command impressive salaries. It’s a trade-off for the grueling work where you’re constantly on call for most of the year. 

Car Sales

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If you’re an extrovert who loves getting the right person into the right vehicle, you may excel at car sales. All sales jobs pay on commission, so you have to be willing to close the deal to earn a living. 

Express Delivery Driver

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FedEx and UPS pay their drivers excellent salaries, and you don’t even need a CDL! The downside is that these companies often hire from within, so you must put in time as a warehouse worker first. They make decent wages, too, but it’s hard work and long hours. 


Military personnel dressed in fancy dress blues with their hands on their ceremonial swords.
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Kids without college prospects often join the military. The armed forces offer many job training opportunities and some of the best benefits in the world. They also provide free housing to single Soldiers and pay housing allowance to those with families. 

On the downside, the lower enlisted earn poverty wages, and the military basically owns you. 

Real Estate Agent

A realtor showing a young couple a house.
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You don’t need a degree to sell real estate, but you do need a license in your state. However, after you get credentialed, you can earn big bucks by helping people find their perfect homes. With the skyrocketing real estate prices, you’ll earn a hefty commission for each sale. 

Loss Prevention

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Retail stores across the country hire folks to monitor cameras and prevent theft. Loss prevention specialists typically make more than their customer service counterparts. 

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