The Most Questionable Frugal Things People Have Done To Save Money In Times of Desperation

When you’re broke, you gotta do what you gotta do to get by. One person asked the internet to share the “brokest” thing they’ve ever done, and the answers are shocking. 

Is It Legal?

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Be forewarned that although some of these actions are perfectly legal, others may skirt the letter of the law in many jurisdictions. These aren’t money-saving tips for you to borrow; they’re extreme actions taken by desperate people.

Penny Fare

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One man was so broke he couldn’t pay for his bus fare to work. He scoured the shared apartment, searching every nook and crevice for precious change to pay his way. 

He attempted to pay with only pennies and was still thirty cents short, but the bus driver waved him through anyway. 


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Sometimes we can trick our brains into believing things. One person attempted to make his paltry meal of dried crackers taste better by looking at images of steak while eating them. 

“Stealing” Bagels

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Religious institutions often offer to feed the destitute, so one worker took it to the extreme when they were short on cash. 

They noticed a Synagogue offering free bagels to the devout during weekly rituals and helped themselves to a few, hoping no one would notice. The Rabbi did indeed notice and told them to stop acting sneaky and help themselves. 

The story has a happy ending as they remained friends for a while even when the “bagel thief” was in a better financial situation. 


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Kiting is check fraud, but some folks had no other choice. They’d write themselves a check, cash it, and hope their paycheck was deposited on time to cover it. 

Call In Sick

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Working is expensive. We need to pay for work clothes, lunches, and transportation. One poor sap couldn’t afford gas to get to work every day, so they had to call in sick the day before payday. It becomes a never-ending cycle, as most companies don’t offer paid sick leave, so he was likely out a day’s worth of pay because he couldn’t afford to go to work. 

Free Samples

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Costco is notorious for free samples, but you typically must pay a membership fee to partake. One savvy former member down on their luck used an expired card to enter the store, then strolled the aisles enjoying free samples for dinner. 

Lucky Idiot

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The lottery is a tax on the poor and stupid. People see it as a ticket out of poverty and often spend their last few dollars on a hope and a dream. 

One user spent their last ten bucks on a scratch-off ticket and lucked out. They won $500, which paid for their car insurance and Christmas presents for their family. 

Dumpster Diving

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You can find treasure in the trash. One person lived near a Hostess Bakery, so they scoured the dumpster for day-old pastry treats that were still good enough to eat. 

Partial Payments

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The Self-Checkout at Walmart allows you to put partial payments on various cards. This resource saved one parent, as they bought a giant box of cheap ramen and split the cost between multiple debit cards, none of which had the few bucks needed to pay the total amount. 

Free Fast Food

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On the brink of homelessness and being unable to buy food, one user shared they’d find old fast food receipts and complain to corporate that their order was messed up. Corporate would offer them free food to compensate, thus allowing the user to eat when they couldn’t afford to otherwise. 

Taking the TP

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Some folks are so broke they can’t afford toilet paper. Most public places in the US leave it right out in the open in the stalls. They helped themselves to a roll but made sure they didn’t take all of it. 

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