Nightmare on Wall Street: 13 Chilling Signs of a Terrible New Job

In the excitement of starting a new job, we sometimes miss the red flags of a nightmare workplace. Watch out for these signs your new job might be toxic. 

No Training

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The first few weeks of any new job should have some sort of on-the-job training. Only a mismanaged workplace would hire someone and expect them to figure everything out independently. 

Employees Side Hustle

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If all your colleagues need side gigs, you’re probably not getting paid enough to survive. 

Walking on Eggshells

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Watch how your new coworkers interact with the manager. You probably have a bad boss if they all seem like nervous wrecks. 

Immediate Evals

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Only a lousy boss would expect you to perform at 100% a week after you started. If they’re belittling your performance immediately, it will never end. 

No Onboarding

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When you start a new job, you typically have to sign some employment paperwork on the first day. It’s a bad sign if no one shows up to do the onboarding. 

Unclear Expectations

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A supervisor should lay out their expectations for an employee. A bad one constantly contradicts themselves, leaving the new hire unsure of their performance goals. 

Vague Answers

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Managers love to dangle the prospect of an award or raise in their employee’s faces. If they promise a raise, ensure they have clear and static measurements for when the raise will come. A vague response probably means they talk big with no intention to follow through. 

Lack of a Handbook

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The best companies create a standard employee handbook showcasing rules, expectations, and employee rights and responsibilities. Although many small businesses don’t have these, it’s a massive red flag if a giant company lacks a handbook. 

Uncivil Coworkers

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Most places have one or two employees that don’t fit in. But when all the coworkers seem to hate each other, it’s a sign of a bigger problem. Management may encourage distrust by pitting people against each other. 

High Turnover

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If you find yourself at mid-level seniority after just a few weeks because everyone above you already jumped ship, you’re probably in a toxic work environment. 

Starting Immediately

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Most jobs take a minute to decide who to hire. A company that wants you to start now might have some problems. 

“We’re Family”

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Many businesses that claim the workers are all family don’t mean like the Brady Bunch. They mean the toxic family with narcissistic parents who demand perfection from their children. 


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A company that wants to install tracking software on your computer cares more about appearances than the actual work. 

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