14 Boomer Behaviors Millennials Laughed At Until They Got Older

When we’re young, we think older folks are silly for behaving in certain ways. But when we hit that age, we have an “aha!” moment and realize we were wrong all along. 

Here are 14 behaviors we find ourselves doing now that we are older, even though we laughed at them when we were younger. 

Staying Home

A woman leans back on a couch comfortably with her hands behind her back.
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Young people want to go out and experience the world! Older people are happy staying home, and we get it once we bypass middle age. 

Panic Cleaning

woman wearing cleaning gloves shouting with her hands on the side of her head. She's stressed out over spring cleaning
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Now that we’re older, we understand why our parents rushed to surface clean the house when company came over. 

Crossword Puzzles

a crossword puzzle and pencil on a wooden table.
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Crossword puzzles are boring when you’re young and don’t know anything. But as you get older, you’ll get more and more of the clues. 

Writing Everything Down

woman's hands writing in a spiral notebook.
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Young people scoff when their elders take notes but soon learn they should have taken notes, too. Our memories aren’t infallible, and it’s best to write things down so we don’t forget. 


Three colorful Chestnut-headed bee-eater birds on a branch.
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Birds are fascinating creatures. So many different species surround us, singing their songs and living their best lives. Younger folks don’t appreciate the secret world of birds like older folks do. 

Going To Be Early

man in pajamas with his arms out sleepwalking under the moonlight.
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At 20, 10 PM means the night is young. At 40, that’s way past our bedtime. But you learn the pleasure of going to bed early when you have to wake up early for work every day. 

Outdated Fashion

An older woman shrugs with an unsure look on her face.
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We used to laugh at older folks and their outdated clothes, but now we realize that it’s better to have a lasting product than waste money on a bunch of fast fashion we’ll just wear once. 

Setting Boundaries

Woman crossing her arms in a refusal gesture.
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Sometimes, young people don’t get why older folks refuse to engage in the drama. But as we grow, we learn the value of peace and avoid folks who only bring toxicity to our lives. 

Ugly Shoes

A pair of brand new plain white shoes in a box.
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Far too many women endure pain for the sake of fashion. We scoff at older women for their flats and sneakers, but when we get older, we realize the pain is never worth it. 

Hair Cuts

Fashionable senior woman wearing a loud shirt and sunglasses with her arms crossed like she's annoyed.
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Many women cut their hair short when they age, and we only realize why when we get there ourselves. Menopause and aging cause hair thinning, and only shorter cuts look good. 

Cluttered Side Table

a messy desk filled with clutter.
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Why do you need your journal, pens, moisturizer, kleenex, cups, and glasses on the side table? Oh, because if everything is there, you don’t have to get up!


An older man interlocks his fingers and stretches his arms out in front of him.
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Stretching, yoga, and pilates are perfect workouts for older folks. The lower-impact movements help keep us healthy without risking injury. 

Avoid Driving

A smiling driver waving out his window.
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Nothing beats the adrenaline rush of getting behind the wheel when you’re young and invincible. But when you’re older, you start to truly understand the dangers inherent to driving and avoid it when possible.

General Crankiness

Angry older woman to represent righteous indignation.
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Why are older folks so cranky? We can’t understand until we’re old enough to feel all the aches and pains ourselves. 

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