The 8 Best Ways to Make Your Favorite Coffee Brew at Home

There are few things in life better than a piping hot cup of coffee when you wake up. However, getting that perfect cup at home can be a challenge.  There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of coffee makers on the market, but there are only a few ways to make coffee.  Is one way better than another? After years of trying them all, I have found one method that consistently produces a fantastic cup of coffee every time, but each of these has its merits. 

The Old Fashioned Coffee Pot

Cooking over a campfire. A large black pot and a blue coffee pot hang over the fire.
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Zane Grey was an American author who wrote stories about the Old West. He was an amazing writer who brought his stories to life with simple descriptions of everyday life on the plains. In many of his stories, coffee was the mainstay of his characters’ existence. They would pick up a handful of coffee grounds and dump them into an old steel coffee pot, then strain out the grounds after a few minutes of boiling.  I tried it once after reading one of his novels; It’s not the best!

 Mr. Coffee, AKA The Auto Drip

An auto drip coffee maker on a table next to a mug with some coffee beans in it.
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Mr. Coffee became so popular that the name alone represents an entire coffee-making process known as The Automatic Drip.  Since the first Mr. Coffees rolled off the assembly line in 1972, it has been a mainstay in the coffee-making world. We make mention of them, not for necessarily producing the best-tasting coffee ever, but for being a trusted friend and something many of us relied upon during long hours at the office, warehouse, or those freezing nights when we came home chilled to the bone and the only comfort; a hot cup of brew from a Mr. Coffee machine.

The K Cups (Keurig)

A Kuerig single cup coffee maker with a stand of k-cups next to it.
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Almost every place of business offers a K Cup, replacing the Mr. Coffee as a way of providing customers and employees with an enjoyable cup of coffee. But there are a lot of issues keeping one operating at home, as well as the problem of disposing of the plastic cups and cleaning. It is a tasty process and a decent cup of coffee, but better suited for a place of business.

The Automatic Drip

A black digital auto drip coffee maker next to a cup of frech brewed coffee.
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Please excuse my affection for sentimental love for Mr. Coffee, but it is a classic, and I felt it needed its own category. However, some fantastic machines are available nowadays that do everything in the automatic drip department except bring you the brewed cup of coffee in bed. My only problem with Auto-Drip (as a coffee snob) is that the machines tend to treat all the coffees the same, whereas other brewing methods bring out flavors the coffees are known for.  

The Siphon

A siphon cofee brewing set up at a coffee bar.
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So you may take one look at a Siphon coffee maker and think it looks like a modern-day scientific contraption developed from space-age technology. You couldn’t be more wrong. It’s actually an invention dating back to the early 1800s using a vacuum process that seriously brings out the richness and flavor of any coffee you choose. There are tons of variations on the market, and it makes excellent coffee, but it’s a process and something I shy away from as my morning joe go-to.

Espresso Makers

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Yes, I know Espresso is as far away from coffee as potato soup is from Vichyssoise, but it’s a unique process. There are some incredible espresso machines available for home use if you need a real jolt every morning.

The Basic Italian Coffee Maker (Mokka Pot)

Man pouring his morning coffee from a Mokka pot.
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The basic Italian coffee maker is a simplistic two-part boiler that cooks on your stove and makes a great pot of coffee. It can be challenging to clean, and you must pay attention, or your stove can become a volcano of bubbling water and coffee.  It’s the best choice for the purest.

The French Press

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You will not be disappointed if you have a few minutes in the morning to prepare a French Press of coffee. The only reason this method of brewing coffee isn’t at the top of my list is the time factor. Fine dining establishments offer French press coffee, and it’s relatively simple to make. It’s not a bad option for home use; it’s just not practical in some instances.

The Percolator

A coffee percolator cooking on a stove top.
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You may think I’ve lost my mind, but the lowly electric percolator may be the best of all the choices you can make to brew a pot of coffee at home. It’s cost-efficient, easy to use, cleans in a flash, and makes excellent coffee.  The percolator gets lost in the myriad of coffee-making devices, but two features make it a great home brewer. 

Advantages of the Percolator

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With a percolator, you can decide how weak or strong you want your coffee to be and how much you want to make. You can also percolate on the stovetop, but that has the same problems as a Mokka pot and needs to be watched carefully to prevent overcooking.

Tips for Best Use

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Be aware that a brand-new electric percolator takes about two weeks to break in and lose its tinny taste from the factory. Once seasoned, the coffee just gets better and better over time. Remember never to use soap when you clean it. Hot water and a sponge will clean it nicely, and most importantly, NEVER submerge the pot in water. 

In any case, choose your favorite and enjoy a cup on me. Bottoms up!

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