The Witch’s Book of Love Spells Offers Fun Way to Dabble with Magic

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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, everyone is making romantic plans with their special someone to celebrate romance.

Those without love in their life may turn to rituals and prayer to change their luck, much like the iconic friend’s episode where the girls accidentally set fire to their apartment while burning mementos of failed relationships.

For safer magic, consider The Witch’s Book of Love Spells.

Please note the publisher sent us a copy of The Witch’s Book of Love Spells so we could review the resource for our readers. All stated opinions about the book are our own. 

The Witches Book of Love Spells

The Witches Book of Love Spells, published in 2022 by Mango Publishing, was written by Cerridewn Greenleaf, a celebrated spell book author and leader in the Pagan community.

It’s filled with invocations, recipes, charms, and prayers dedicated to love in all its forms. The book also includes helpful information about spell casting, including a dictionary of flowers and their meanings and an appendix showcasing which days are best for certain spells.

The compact resource is perfect for beginners looking to start their magical journey with love.


Love Spells in Media

Although not adverse to magic and ritual, I’m always skeptical of love spells. You can’t make someone love you; even if you could, you shouldn’t.  One of the top rules of witchcraft is to do no harm, so anything that prevents someone from consenting is strictly off-limits.

In media, love spells are horrific. They put the recipient in a love-struck gaze whether they wanted to be there or not.

The Witches Book of Love Spells Not What You’d Expect

I was pleasantly surprised to see The Witch’s Book of Love Spells reject the common perception of love spells.

The foreword, written by famed witch Judika Illes, addresses the negative stereotype directly. “You will find no negative spells within these pages, no coercive love spells, no vindictive attempts to cause harm, no malicious formulas to manipulate, destroy, or prevent love,” Illes writes.

True love can’t be forced, manipulated, or coerced. The Witches Book of Love Spells focuses on the spell caster rather than a target of desire. It’s about empowerment, not subjugation.


The book practices what the foreword preaches. The very first spell is an invocation for self-love.

You must love yourself before you can accept love from another. The invocation helps practitioners shift their mindsets, grow their self-esteem, and acknowledge that they are worthy of love from themselves and others.

The following few spells help users prepare space in their homes for love. Our homes reflect ourselves, so making space there symbolizes space in our lives and in ourselves.

These rituals help witches welcome love into their lives.

The Romantic Love Spells

Of course, a book of love spells offers numerous spells for romance. You will find magic for boosting confidence, welcoming romance, enhancing relationships, and mending broken hearts.

The spells come in various forms, including elixirs, recipes, incantations, crystal magic, and charm. There’s something everyone can use, regardless of their current relationship status.

Finding Love

The spells for finding love in the book help devotees open themselves up to potential partners. No “love tonics” will make someone fall in love with you. Not only do those not exist, but if they did, it would be wrong to use them.

Instead, the focus is on you, the practitioner. Some spells promote attractiveness and desire, while others help witches manifest what they want from a partner. The spells work by shifting your mindset, making you feel more attractive, confident, and open to exploring new relationships.

Sharing Love

Most of the spells in The Witch’s Book of Love Spells revolve around enhancing and sharing pre-existing love.

The book abounds with elixirs and recipes for exciting passions and strengthening bonds. Share an apricot passion potion before amorous adventures, or craft a sexy Beltane Brew for the Pagan holy day.

Greenleaf explains the long tradition of baking associated with spell work, saying, “The basic rituals of cakes and ale is a timeless and powerful classic.” The importance of food sharing is highlighted throughout the book, as it contains numerous recipes that help you show your love through culinary creations.

Some of the ritual foods and elixirs also contain incredible aphrodisiacs, enhancing your night of passion.


Sensuality is a crucial component of passionate love. The Witch’s Book of Love Spells dedicates an entire chapter to enhancing sensuality.

The chapter includes rituals and incantations to help prep for a date and potions and elixirs to make you feel like an enchantress.

Many of these spells can be shared with a partner, but they will also help boost confidence and desire during that initial dating phase. 

Healing a Broken Heart

“It’s better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all.”

The downside of opening your heart to love is the potential for heartache. Every relationship will eventually end. Some run their course, while others end in betrayal. Even the best relationships eventually end when one partner leaves this mortal plane. Heartbreak is the price we pay for love.

Some of the spells in the book seek to help users mend their broken hearts and move on after suffering a romantic loss.


My favorite part of The Witch’s Book of Love Spells is all the resources included along the way. The introductory chapter has a chart on magical colors, helping users decide which colored candle to use for different types of spells, while the chapter on elixirs includes a guide on the magical quality of specific fruits.

Throughout the book, you will find charts, lists, and resources on various magical items and their meanings. Head to chapter five for information on astrological signs and their importance as it relates to love, or chapter four for a list of different stones and minerals that can assist in your spell crafting.

The resource pages highlight how different colors, ingredients, and minerals relate to love spells, but they can also be used as a guide when creating different magical rituals.

The Book is Fun Whether You Believe or Not

Many people scoff at spell books and the idea of magic. However, it’s important to note that many people of faith genuinely believe in the practice, and it’s not our place to make fun of the religious beliefs and practices of others.

However, many spell books available for the public are specifically designed for novices and those wanting to dabble for a bit of fun. It’s okay to use the book to explore witchcraft. It offers a fun, easy way to engage in the practice without committing.

Even if you don’t believe magic works, the book offers interesting ideas worth exploring and delicious recipes worth making. It’s worth checking out.