Cast a Prosperity Spell for a Year of Abundance!

Magic spells help witches and practitioners channel their energy into achieving their greatest desires. Real magic works wonders for casters, manifesting their goals into reality and helping them find contentment in their daily life.

A prosperity spell is one of the most basic spells a beginner witch can attempt. These spells aim to bring abundance, wealth, or prosperity into a witch’s life, whether for herself or someone she cares about.

What is a Prosperity Spell?

A prosperity spell is specifically crafted to help you attract prosperity to your life. It’s not just riches and wealth. Although prosperity often signifies money or material gains, it has many meanings. You may hope for abundance in love, happiness, well-being, friendship, skill, or time. It might refer to success in business, family, or a passion project.

Casting a prosperity spell may help you achieve abundance in numerous parts of your life.

How to Create and Cast a Prosperity Spell

To cast the perfect spell for prosperity, you need the right supplies. Collect emblems, crystals, herbs, and magical items representing wealth, abundance, or prosperity.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

Colors & Symbols of Prosperity

Throughout human history, many colors, symbols, plants, animals, and herbs have represented wealth, success, riches, and abundance. Use these colors and symbols to focus your subconscious.


Green is a top color for prosperity and abundance. Green is the color of the almighty dollar, but it is also the color of spring, regrowth, renewal, and hope for a new season.

Gold or bright yellow is the other color associated with prosperity and abundance. It symbolizes the element bearing its name but also represents a bright spring day full of promise.

Purple, the color of royalty, can also be associated with wealth. Royals are typically renowned for luxurious wealth and cups that runneth over.

When casting your spell, choose the colors that best align with your ultimate purpose. 


Humanity created many symbols representing wealth and prosperity throughout the ages. Gold the element is an easy choice, as are jade and pyrite. Coins and currency are simple representations of wealth, and items such as rabbits’ feet, four-leaf clovers, and horseshoes are commonly associated with luck and riches.

Different cultures throughout history have associated various creatures with wealth. China’s money toad, Japan’s beckoning cat, and the horses of ancient Greece are all examples of animals representing wealth around the world. 

Other symbols of abundance may include a cornucopia, various plants, deities, and runes. The pentacle suit of the tarot deck also tends to symbolize wealth.


Most spells use herbs and other plant-based ingredients. Witches might press plants into oils for anointment, burn them as incense, transform them into sprays, or use them as is for potions.

Various herbs have been used to symbolize abundance and riches throughout human history.  Modern witches still use many of them in spells for prosperity or success. Chamomile, cinnamon, High John the Conqueror root, and basil are all wonderful herbs to use in spells for abundance, wealth, or prosperity, but there are many options.


The final “ingredient” for your prosperity spell is your intention. When practicing magic, it is crucial to truly understand the intended outcome of your spell. Michele Lefler, Shamanic Energy Alchemist at Living Moon Meditation, thinks your intention is the essential part but cautions users to consider what that really means.

While considering your goal, you must explore your innermost desires. Dig deep into your subconscious to root out what you really want. When considering prosperity, your conscious mind may desire wealth and riches. Your subconscious may actually want an abundance of time to focus on passion projects, which your consciousness twisted into a desire for wealth. 

You must ensure your conscious and subconscious minds are aligned to achieve your desired outcome.


Once you have your intention set, you can create your incantation. Think of it as a chant, poem, or verse that focuses your energies on your desire. Your incantation should affirm your intention and focus on your desired outcome.

Many beginner witches struggle with writing their own incantations. Like any skill, learning how to develop an incantation takes practice. It’s okay to borrow from others while learning to craft your own. Amazon offers an excellent book with 50 simple examples of incantations for prosperity that can help you get started.


Prosperity Spell Ideas

You don’t have to create your prosperity spell from scratch. The internet offers abundant resources for beginner witches to sample while learning the craft.

Check out these fantastic prosperity spell ideas, sourced from Pinterest, for ideas on how to create your own. There’s also no shame in using these spells precisely as they are or modifying them to meet your own needs. 

Prosperity spell jar

This spell puts items symbolizing prosperity in a jar that you can keep as a reminder of your goals and intentions.


Abundance Bottle

Those looking for a smaller, more straightforward spell may prefer to place ingredients in a tiny bottle. Wear the bottle around your neck like an amulet, a constant symbol of your quest for abundance.


Money Spells

A simple money spell anyone can cast using ingredients you can find at your local stores.


Cinnamon Money Spell

Cinnamon is commonly associated with money and riches and is the main ingredient in this simple spell.


Elemental Spell

Witchcraft often uses the power of natural forces in spell casting. This spell combines the power of Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water for a powerful abundance spell.


Energy Spell

Many spells work using only the power of your inherent energy. This spell helps you focus that energy with a candle, but most of the work is on you.


Prosperity Oil

Oils make powerful ingredients for spells. Create your own prosperity oils for use in your magic with this recipe.


Money Powder

Create your own herbal powder representing money by combining various herbs.


Money Hand Wash

This money hand wash spell offers an excellent example of a chant you can use for wealth and prosperity.


Money Incantation

Incantations are often the most challenging part for beginners. Here’s another excellent example of a chant you can use in a prosperity spell.


Prosperity Spell Kits

If you don’t want to create your own spell for abundance, wealth, and prosperity, you can find a plethora of pre-made spell kits.

The Eye of the Cat, a store dedicated to witchcraft in Long Beach, Ca, offers online ordering of spell kits. They are a leader in craft supplies and may offer herbs, oils, or infusions that are hard to come by in other places.

Etsy is also a fabulous resource for witches exploring the craft. You can purchase a wide range of pre-made spell kits for your crafting needs on the platform.

Do Spells Work?

Although research on the efficacy of spells is lacking, many believe spells work because they help us focus our energies and intentions on the object of our desire. When crafting and casting a spell, we set purposeful intentions and use the Law of Attraction to focus on our wants. The magic is a physical manifestation of our purpose, giving us even more motivation to achieve what we seek.

Every item used in a spell relates to the intention, from the colors to the herbs to the chants. Real witches know that part of the power of spell work is tapping into the deep, often subconscious associations we hold and bringing them to the forefront with our magic.

Spells work because every item used represents the outcome in some way. Magic includes physical, symbolic, auditory, visual, and sensory representations of our desires, which all work together to focus our brain power on achieving our desired results.

The Truth About Witches

Although witches and magic often have negative connotations, most witches do not use dark magic to achieve their goals and are ordinary people like everyone else. They simply follow a different faith, whether through the recognized Wiccan religion or their own inner spirituality. Some practitioners of the world’s most common religions even use witchcraft or identify as witches!

Witches use their craft to improve their lives and the lives of those around them. They use potions to heal, ritual to guide, and incantations to channel energy. Real witches will not cast a spell to hex, curse, or hurt other people but primarily focus on their inner spirituality.

Embrace Magic

Whether by dabbling in a prosperity spell or writing an entire spell book or grimoire, embracing magic can change your life. Focusing your energy and both of your minds toward a specific goal can help you achieve that goal.

The real magic comes from within. Embrace the energy you have, and use it to effect real change in your life.