The Best Things in Life are Free: 12 Hobbies That Won’t Cost You a Dime!

Hobbies upgrade your life. Unfortunately, far too many hobbies are too expensive.  If you want to play a musical instrument or learn to dance, you must pay for lessons, which can get far too expensive for many of us.

However, hobbies don’t have to be expensive. Here are 12  hobbies you can start with no money. Give them a chance and see what you like!

Assuming You Have a Few Things…

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Before we dive in, we need to clarify that these hobbies are only free for folks who have some everyday items lying around the house. Some require a cell phone, computer, reliable transportation, or access to the internet. 


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Hiking is a great way to fill a weekend afternoon. It lets you get outside, commune with nature, and exercise while at it.

Most cities have small trails nearby that you can access for free. If you want the best views, you’ll need to pay for access to state and national parks.


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Reading is free with a library card! Check out books on various topics and learn more about how the world works, or dive into a fictional world and take a much-needed break from reality.

You can even rent books for free on your Kindle with library apps.

Creative Writing

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Grab your keyboard and let your imagination soar! Spin a tale of warrior princesses battling an untold evil, or use your favorite shows as inspiration with fanfic.

Creative writing lets you get lost in a whole new world, and the best part is that it doesn’t cost anything. If you need some help getting started, you can always use creative writing prompts.

Working Out

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You don’t need a gym to work out. Try jumping jacks, squats, pushups, and crunches at home for a quick, free workout.

Working out is a great hobby because you reap the health benefits while staying occupied.

Learn a Language

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Apps like Duolingo allow you to learn a new language for free. Take a few hours a day to study. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you learn!

If you need more resources, head to your local library to see if they have any reference books on your chosen language.


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Do you have a few balls lying around the house? Why not learn to juggle?

Juggling takes balance and concentration, but it’s a great party trick if you learn to do it well.


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All you need for meditation is yourself and a few quiet minutes. Become at one with the world and find inner peace by meditating every day without paying a thing.

Find a quiet space in your room or garden and explore your mind.


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Why not donate your time to a worthy cause if you’re bored? Consider volunteering at an animal shelter to walk the dogs or with Habitat for Humanity to build shelters for people experiencing homelessness.

Charities everywhere could always use an extra hand; other than transportation, it’s completely free.

Paper Mache

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You likely have the ingredients for paper mache paste in your pantry and some old papers that would be perfect for modeling.

Mix some up and let your imagination soar. See what you can craft with these simple ingredients.

Making Videos

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Video making seems like an expensive hobby, but you likely already have everything you need unless you want professional-quality videos.

Your smartphone takes decent videos, and you can use numerous free video editing software applications to add special effects. Microsoft offers Blender for free with its operating system, which allows you to edit like a professional. Why not record a scene and see what happens?

Flower Pressing

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Consider collecting and pressing flowers if you want a hobby that gets you outside in the spring and summer. Take a walk and enjoy the variety of wildflowers blooming. Pick a few and press them in an old book to let them dry.

Take the hobby to the next level by learning to identify the flowers you find and determine if any have cool uses!


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If you’re going to hang out online anyway, why not offer your services to moderate a community? Online spaces like Facebook groups, Reddit, Discord, and Twitch have volunteer moderators that help keep the areas safe and on topic.

Consider offering to moderate your favorite online communities as a pastime or build your own.


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If you have a pencil and paper, drawing is absolutely free. 

Not sure what to draw? Consider one of theses 101 Things To Draw.

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