17 Ridiculously Unhealthy Lifestyle Habits No One Talks About

Are you living a healthy life? You may work out and avoid toxic substances, but a lot of unhealthy actions can creep up on you. Here are 17 bad things for you that don’t get enough air time. 

Drowsy Driving

A man asleep behind the wheel of his car.
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We always talk about texting while driving or drinking while driving, but driving while you’re tired is just as dangerous. 

Hustle Culture

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Some folks love the grind, but humans need a break. We need rest, relaxation, and downtime to explore our hobbies and interests without worrying about monetizing them. 

Constant Sitting

tired senior woman working on the computer.
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Humans weren’t made to sit still for 8-10 hours a day. We’re made for walking and moving. Our sedentary lifestyles are destroying our health. 

Standing in Place

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Many office workers switched to stand-up desks to avoid sitting all day, but it’s only slightly better. We’re supposed to be moving. 

Chronic Stress

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Americans are constantly stressed out and with good reason. We have little to no job security, can’t afford to live, and see no way out. The constant stress is bad for our overall well-being. 


Anxious young woman biting her nails while looking at her phone.
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Social media algorithms want us to keep scrolling so they get more eyeballs and more ad revenue. We can’t seem to pull ourselves away from the constant influx of bad news, but it’s not healthy. 

All the Hate

Man making a very angry face.
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American Society runs on hate. The media and our politicians perpetuate it to brainwash folks into doing their bidding, but it has horrific effects on our health and wellness. People can’t be happy if they’re always angry, and it’s detrimental to society. 


Senior woman sits alone in a room staring out the window.
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People are lonelier than ever before, and it’s hurting them. Humans are social creatures; we need a community to thrive. Our isolation has negative impacts on our mental health


American rancher standing outside in cowboy gear watching his herd to represent rugged individualism.
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America celebrates rugged individualism, but it’s been held up to such an ideal it has become toxic. We need other people. The idea that we can do everything alone hurts everyone. 


sad man looking into his empty wallet
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We rarely stop to consider all the adverse health effects inherent in poverty. Malnourishment, lack of medical care, chronic stress, and poor mental health are just some ways poverty can impact health. 

Poor Air Quality

giant factory sending clouds of pollution into the air.
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Is your air safe? Most of us living near major cities constantly breathe in toxic fumes. That can’t be good for our lungs. 


group of multi colored plastic shopping bags
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How much plastic is coursing through your veins, pretending to be blood? We’re just beginning to grasp how dangerous our overreliance on plastic is for our health. 

Preconceived Notions

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Having a closed mind is bad for your health. It keeps you stagnating and makes dealing with the realities of life more challenging and, thus, more stressful. 

Loud Noise

A man in a loud purple suit shouts into a megaphone to promote something.
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We may love going to concerts, but too much loud noise is horrible for your hearing. You should wear ear protection if continuously exposed to over 85 decibels

Ugly Diet

Man looking sideways holding burger and fries.
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Is your plate ugly? If it’s filled with beige, tan, and white foods, then yes, it is. That hideous diet is terrible for you. We need the essential vitamins and minerals that come with adding a burst of colorful greens, oranges, and blues to our plates. 

Ignoring Your Teeth

Woman smiling in a dentists share with a dentist behind her, their hands are near her mouth.
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Proper dental care is crucial for a long, healthy life, but far too many people ignore their teeth. A system that treats dental care like a luxury outside healthcare doesn’t help, but most people don’t even brush and floss right. 

Not Dealing with Your Trauma

woman smiling and journaling to represent types of journals
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Increase your health and wellness with a simple, low cost tool: Journaling. But don’t take our word for it. 

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Refusing To Take Care of Yourself

woman hugging herself to represent self-care Sunday ideas
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Lack of Sleep

Tired man and woman both sleeping at a desk with their head resting on one hand.
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Our culture functions on exhaustion. People brag about how little they slept. Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial to your overall health and wellness. 

How To Get Better Sleep

A woman sits in bed in the morning hugging her pillow. She's wearing white and her entire room is white.
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Let Your Free Spirit Soar

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Improve Your Life

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If you’re not ready for the hard work, take smaller steps that will help you improve your life starting today. 

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