Unexpected Bonuses of Weight Lose: 10 Things You’ll Notice After Losing Just 20 Lbs

Maintaining a healthy body weight is crucial to a long, happy life. Sometimes, you don’t realize how much impact a few extra pounds make. 

Here’s what you’ll start noticing after losing 20-30 lbs!

Bend With Ease

Smiling woman stretching on the floor in her living room.
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A few extra pounds can make simple things like tying your shoe and picking something off the floor a massive burden. You’ll be shocked at how easy it is after losing some weight. 

Bye Bye Pain

Woman sitting on a bed with her hands on her back and red light eminating from her back to show she's experiencing back pain.
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Many people report reduced pain with reduced weight. Losing 20-30 pounds can help relieve sciatica or joint pain. 

Loose Pants

Woman smiling and wearing jeans much too big for her. She's holding out the sides to show she's lost weight.
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Pants act as a fantastic gauge of our weight.  Tighter or loser pants are typically the first indication that we’re gaining or losing weight. 

People Are Nicer

A woman in two frames. In each, she's holding a framed photo of herself, one is happy and the other is angry.
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Fatphobia is real, as evidenced by the boatloads of people who report that others are much nicer to them after they lose weight. The public freely ridicules and ignores overweight people. 

Feel the Cold

A cold woman wearing a knit hat and scarf hugs herself and shivers.
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Without the access fat to keep you warm, you may shiver faster in the winter. 

Doctors Care

A businessman with a stethoscope hanging around his neck.
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Doctors don’t listen to overweight patient’s complaints. It must be the weight causing heart problems, headaches, anxiety, or whatever ailment you suffer. Doctors actually listen to thin people and help solve their problems. 

Enjoy Dressing Up

Stylish rich couple near the water, likely on a boat
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Twenty pounds can make a massive difference in how you see yourself. People who lose weight feel more confident dressing up. 

Snore No More

Happy woman sleeping in a comfy bed.
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Weight has adverse effects on your sleep. Some folks were surprised that they stopped snoring and got better rest after losing weight. 


A slightly shocked, slightly angry woman has her hand up in disbelief.
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Be careful of folks who try to sabotage your results. Many people want to keep others in the crab bucket, so they’ll say you look too thin or ridicule your efforts to prevent you from bettering yourself. 

No More Heartburn

A man sits on the couch with one hand on his stomach and another by his mouth. He looks like he's sick with heartburn.
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It’s probably the healthy diet that led to the weight loss, but people report fewer gastrointestinal problems like heartburn when they lose 20-30 lbs. 


A senior couple walks happily through a park.
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Carrying extra weight around all day leads to exhaustion. You’ll get a burst of new energy when you lose it. 

Mental Clarity

Profile of a calm looking woman with her eyes closed and head up. A bright spot glows on her head as if her brain is giving off a glow like sunshine to represent how to develop a growth mindset.
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As your physical health improves, so does your mental health. Poor diet and high body fat affect body chemistry and hormones. Many people don’t realize how much until they lose a few pounds. 

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