Telltale Signs Someone Isn’t Capable of Critical Thinking

If the average IQ is 100, meaning 50% of all people have IQs of less than 100. Chances are, most people you encounter aren’t all that smart. 

Different Types of Intellegence

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That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with them. People lacking intellectual prowess may excel at physical tasks with the ability to wire engines, build things, and fix things without a second thought. 

They may have enhanced emotional intelligence, capable of connecting with others in ways those with strong intellects could only hope. 

Signs Someone Lacks Intellectual Intellegence

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With that disclaimer out of the way, here are some signs that a person doesn’t have a strong intellect. 

Same Idea, Different Contexts

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People with high intelligence can relate different situations to similar ideas. However, those lacking might need help understanding how two unrelated events may be similar. They struggle to understand how a concept in one context might relate to a completely different context. 

No Doubt

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The wiser you are, the more you understand how much you don’t know. Those without intelligence often think they know a lot and rarely doubt their responses, even when they’re demonstrably false. 

Lacking Curiosity

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Small minds don’t want to know more. They accept things at face value and refuse to dig deep to find the bigger picture. They don’t want to know how the world works. 

Unable to Think Critically

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Critical thinking is a skill that many lack. Although it’s sometimes a sign of low intelligence, it’s often a matter of whether a person was taught to think critically. 

Far too many people prohibit critical thinking because it forces them to analyze their deeply held beliefs, and they’re afraid of what they’d discover if they did so. 

Can’t Think Abstractly

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Abstract thought allows us to think of everything that could be or could have been. It lets us imagine new worlds of possibility. Some folks cannot engage in abstract thought. They can only see what is; they can’t imagine what might be. 

Don’t Form Their Own Opinions

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Some people simply parrot the opinions they hear from their parents of their favorite newscaster and make them their own. They refuse to think critically about what they’ve heard. 

Often, these people change their opinions when placed with a different group but will sway back and forth depending on who they’re with. 

Distinguishing Fact from Opinion

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Even intelligent people struggle to distinguish fact from opinion, but those lacking intellect find the task nearly impossible. 

No Nuance

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People with low intelligence can’t examine the nuance in situations. Most things aren’t black and white, a concept that many can’t grasp. 

What’s a Source?

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People who refuse to research something, instead relying on just one questionable source, may lack intelligence. These are the folks who see an outrageous headline on social media and get all worked up about it without even reading the story or seeing whether it’s true. 

Believing Lies

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Even the smartest among us fall for these everyday lies

Are You Smart Enough To Spot The Propaganda?

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Propaganda surrounds us. It attempts to sway our thinking in both mundane and critical ways. Here are some examples of propaganda we see every day.

We’re So Tired of Explaining these Basic Concepts To Others

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Sometimes, people just can’t understand basic ideas. We explain these concepts to others until our faces turn blue, yet they still can’t grasp them.