Boomers Have a Lot to Say About Gen Z, But Younger Folks Agree With Some of It! Top Things Boomer Get Right Gen Z

The generational wars wage ever on. “These darn kids are ruining everything!” shouts one side, while the other deridingly snarks, “Okay, Boomer.”

As much as the younger crowd likes to think they’re right about everything, including their own generation, some can admit they’re not. Their older and wiser parents and grandparents make some great points, especially when looking at youths’ behavior through the lens of experience. 

While scrolling through the popular r/askreddit community on Reddit, I stumbled upon a thread asking Millennials and Gen Z to share things Boomers say about their generations that they actually agree with. 

Here are some of the top things younger generations agree with boomers on about their own cohort!

Social Media Ruins Mental Health

Boomers wax poetic about the dangers of social media, and they aren’t wrong, but they are hypocritical. 

One user agreed with Boomers that social media impacts kids’ mental health but pointed out that older folks aren’t immune. The Baby Boomers use social media just as much as younger generations and are just as susceptible to online propaganda as everyone else. 

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Keep Personal Things Personal

Kids these days use social media as an online journal to share everything in their lives, from their daily meals to their relationship drama. One user agreed with their elders that they should be slightly more cautious about what they post online. 

Others pointed out that their boomer parents seem to be the worst culprits in sharing personal information online, especially as it pertains to grandkids. We get it; you love your grandkids and are proud of them, but let them have some online privacy. 

No One Wants to Work

A common Boomer complaint is that no one wants to work anymore, and younger generations agree. 

However, they frame the argument very differently. 

“We don’t do it for fun. We don’t want to,” said one. 

No one actually wants to work. Work pays the bills, so we do it because we have to. Younger generations are finding ways to survive without relying on a company that doesn’t value them, and we wish boomers would follow. 

Our current work culture is toxic, and Gen Z dares to call it out and work to change it. 

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Learn an In-Demand Skill

When younger generations complain about pay and lack of good jobs, Boomers generally retort that they should learn an in-demand skill. 

They’re not entirely wrong about that. 

In-demand skills can help some people get better jobs. However, there’s a lot of nuance to the discussion that boomers generally don’t admit. 

First, getting those skills is expensive. College is prohibitively expensive for some, and even certificate programs are out of reach. 

Second, society changes at an alarmingly fast rate. Will that skill still be in demand after obtaining a four-year degree or certificate?

And third, it won’t work for everyone. If 40 million people became skilled software engineers, supply would skyrocket, and demand would plummet, thus lowering the pay. 


The younger generation’s obsession with victimhood limits their growth. Yep, one Redditor agreed with boomers on this highly divisive point and even received a handful of upvotes. 

It does seem like some younger folks are looking for something to be victimized about, and that only takes away from people who truly experienced trauma and deserve our support. 

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Too Sensitive

Another user commented that younger generations are too sensitive. Boomers constantly call Gen Z and Millennials snowflakes for getting their feelings hurt over “minor” things, and sometimes they’re right. 

However, again there’s a lot of nuance. Boomers are just as sensitive, though, about different things, and it’s not “sensitive” to point out microaggressions and societal norms that actually harm groups of people. 

Someday we will find the right balance. 

Dating App Culture is Dangerous

Boomer parents warned their children about meeting strangers from the internet. Now, we happily meet up for dates with people we just met through a screen. 

“These casual encounters can be extremely dangerous and perpetuate informal sh**ty one-night stand relationships and low self-esteem,” said one user. 

Dating apps also make relationships more transactional and based on physical appearance than real connections. 

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Put the Phones Down

Millennials and Gen Z are obsessed with their phones. Those little dopamine hits from notifications are exhilarating but a massive distraction.

One user admitted Boomers are right about this, but added that the problem isn’t limited to younger folks. 

“Virtually every generation currently alive is guilty of this, but it’s true. The big tech companies have done a very good job getting people addicted to their phones, and it’s so normalized that no one sees it as a problem,” they stated. 

Not Ready for the Real World

Many younger Millenials and Gen Zers have been coddled their entire lives, and aren’t ready to take adult responsibility. 

“The newer generations are a lot less ready to take care of themselves in the world than older generations were after they graduated high school,” said one user. 

They explained that kids never had to figure things out on their own, and thus lack confidence in their own capabilities. 

Others pointed out that it wasn’t the kid’s fault. Some said their parents failed them by handing everything to them on a platter and never allowing them to experience failure or disappointment. In contrast, others pointed out that with the rise in globalization, standards have changed, and kids needed to fill every ounce of free time with developmental opportunities in order to compete. 

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The Kids are Alright

One self-proclaimed boomer joined the thread to point out that there’s nothing wrong with younger generations. 

“I think the young generation is just fine,” they shared. “There’s nothing particular wrong with them at all, just like there’s nothing particular wrong with any other generation. The truth is, we’re all just people. At different stages in our lives.”

What Do You Agree with Boomers on About Younger Generations?

Do you agree with users in this thread that Boomers aren’t entirely wrong in complaining about their younger cohorts?

Or do you agree with the final commentor that the kids are just fine and will find their own way? The great thing about Reddit is that it offers many different viewpoints and perspectives from people of all walks of life, so it’s fun to see what others think about any given topic!