Millennials On The Rampage! Here’s Whats on the Chopping Block After They Finish Killing Off Restaurants

Millennials are notorious for killing industries. If the press is right, they’ve destroyed casual dining, weddings, families, and every American tradition older generations love. 

What’s Next on Millennial’s Hit List?

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They show no sign of stopping. There’s plenty more in millennials’ sights. 

While scrolling through the R/askreddit community, I stumbled upon a thread asking users to share things that will become unpopular when the older generations move on. 

Here’s what millennials hope to destroy next – you may agree with them on some of it!

Spam Calls

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Hopefully, it’ll become unprofitable to make spam calls once there aren’t enough people willing to answer random numbers,” responded one user. 

Millennials never answer the phone, but someone has to be responding to make all the spam calls worthwhile. 

Fine China

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Older generations adore their fine chinas and the bulky cabinets they use to display them. Millennials don’t want to pay top dollar for dinnerware they’ll never use, so they prefer to buy trendy but affordable plates from big box stores. 

People give china cabinets away for free on Marketplace, etc. No one wants them. I’m Gen X and have my grandmother’s china service. No idea what to do with it” said one Redditor. 

“I just have no room or use for random plates that did nothing but sit on display to be looked at by no one for the past 30 years,” added another. 

Millennials may not collect china, but they do have cabinets filled with collectibles. One user aptly compared the younger generation’s collections of Funko pops, anime figurines, and gaming toys to their parent’s fine china obsession. 

The Way We Treat Cashiers

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American work culture has outdated ideas about how workers should spend their days. Most notably, cashiers nationwide are forced to stand for hours on end while scanning customers’ purchases. 

European countries have long gone away with standing cashiers, and one Redditor hopes Millennials will force a cultural shift once those who think sitting is lazy are no longer in charge. 

Nasty Habits

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Some hope that Millenials and Gen Zers will escape the nasty habit. While smoking rates amongst these generations are down in the US, the same isn’t true for the rest of the world. 

“Smoking has gone way down in the past 30 years, and I don’t see how it will pick up,” said one user, hailing from the States. 

People from different countries shared that smoking seems to be on the rise in their neck of the woods. 

“Well, here in Germany, it’s on the rise again,” replied one. “More than 10% more than two years ago, after declining for decades.”

“Anyone who thinks tobacco will go away in the next 10 years has never left North America,” stated another. 


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Silverplated silverware and serving trays are going the way of fine china. Millennials don’t value fancy service items the way older generations did. 

“No one wants to polish that stuff every couple months,” shared one user. 

Others mention real sterling silver still has value, but the silver plate is a dime a dozen. 

Cable TV

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Many millennials are ditching traditional cable with the abundance of streaming services available. It’s more expensive than streaming and filled with ads, which many now find distracting. 

Some said streaming is getting more expensive, and the horrible practices some companies are implementing may make cable attractive again. 

Others disagreed, saying the ads alone are enough to stay away from cable, not to mention the expense and the lack of on-demand options. 

Boomer Humor

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A popular humor genre amongst boomers is showing disdain for one’s spouse. The nagging wife, the ball ole ball and chain, and the useless husband are common refrains among older generations, but millennials find that brand of humor offputting. 

“I worked with a guy who was a 25 year veteran in an industry I was just entering,” began one user. “He always brought up the whole ‘life with a wife is misery’ schtick,” they added, saying they didn’t get why it was funny. 

“It’s funny because marriage is terrible!” remarked one user. 

Millennials don’t want to be trapped in unhappy marriages and think you should divorce if you hate your spouse. 

Attention to Detail for Holiday Traditions

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Baby Boomers and even Gen Xers put a lot of work into Thanksgiving dinners and other special occasions. Millennials, sadly, can’t seem to be bothered. 

“I’ll miss their attention to decor and detail for meals and holidays. I can’t be bothered to go through that routine every year myself, but I notice how much I appreciate it when I visit them,” shared one user, giving an honest assessment of themselves. 

Others said it’s not that Millennials are lazy, but the generation doesn’t have the same time to dedicate to these traditions. 

“I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that current times necessitate a two-income household. The attention to detail and beautifully done home came from one partner being a homemaker and the other earning an income,” shared one user. 

This is one that Millenials may destroy, but not because they want to. With rising costs of living, they have no choice but to work long hours and don’t have time to create that same magic. 


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Millennials prefer debit cards to checks. With the rise in online banking and automated payments, most don’t even know how to write a check. 

“I can’t believe in my town we have to pay our property taxes by check all because of the dinosaur who works there and the mayor who is also a boomer,” replied one user. 

Another shared that their mother still pays everything by check, thinking buying stamps and envelopes and dealing with the postal service is more convenient than just paying online. 


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Technology is swiftly making print media obsolete. Why grab a physical paper when you can read the news online with your smartphone?

“I’m old, and I haven’t read a newspaper in 10 years,” replied one user, adding that papers are “only good for covering compost.”

Most publications have adapted. Although they still offer print for those who want them, the big businesses have also moved online. 

Hands-On Service

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Many millennials refuse to engage with people, only doing so out of absolute necessity. The generation would rather roam a store for hours looking for what they need than ask an associate for help. They prefer online chats and emails to phone calls and watching videos when they want to learn something. 

Older generations prefer one-on-one interactions and hands-on service. 

“I work in a retail store where most of our customers are older folks. They will walk right past the item they are after to go to the counter so I can lead them to the thing they’re looking for,” responded one user. 

Others mentioned that even boomers love chat options, but the AI isn’t advanced enough to handle most customer questions. 


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Older generations dress to impress, but millennials prefer to work in comfort. 

“Suits have already become a thing of the past at many workstations, and the workstations that still mandate them, such as finance, will abolish suits once the baby boomers have gone,” one user predicted. 

Some disagreed, saying they like suits, and can see why others would as well. 

“A properly fitted suit looks a lot better on most people than most modern casual clothes. There actually pretty comfortable as well,” shared one user. 

“They’ll make a come back,” added another. “They look too sleek and sexy for them to disappear completely.”

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