10 New Habits That Will Make a Massive Impact on Your Life

Change is hard. Getting into the new groove takes a ton of effort, and it’s tough to start when the payoff is uncertain. 

That’s why I was thrilled to read a Reddit thread in the productivity sub asking users to divulge the one habit they’ve formed that made the most significant impact on their lives. 

Here are the top answers of habits to try that Redditors insist will improve your life

Getting Ready for the Day

Many of us work from home, but the freedom of not having to commute may make it difficult to get into the right frame of mind for work. 

One Redditor said that getting ready for work each day as if going to the office has dramatically boosted their productivity in the work-from-home environment. Simply getting prepared puts you in the right mindset for work. 


Journaling has numerous benefits; one Redditor said it’s the key to productivity. You can do so much with a journal, from brain-dumping your thoughts to working through your emotions. 

Rather than sticking to a traditional journal, you can use a bullet journal to plan your day, organize your tasks, and track your goals. 

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Nothing beats heading outside and getting some fresh air. The key to getting the most out of a walk is not worrying about where you’re going. Let your mind wander and enjoy the sunshine for a few minutes. 

You’ll feel refreshed and ready to continue your work when you get back. 

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Consistent Routines

One Redditor mentioned that consistency is the key to productivity. They claimed that going to bed at the same time and waking up at the same time every day greatly improved their function. 

The user also said you should develop a morning routine that you can stick with to help get yourself on track for the day. 

Limiting Time-Sucking Habits

We all have destructive habits, but one Redditor found that limiting them or cutting them out altogether has worked wonders for their wellness. 

The user said they don’t allow themselves to watch Youtube videos until after 3 pm, and they deleted addictive gaming apps from their phone, so they aren’t tempted to play. 

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Quit Drinking

One Redditor said that the habit of not drinking improved productivity in every aspect of their life.  Many others agreed, calling it “life-changing.” 

If you want to develop just one habit that will significantly enhance all aspects of your life, putting down the drink is it. 


It’s too easy to pick up our phones and start doom-scrolling first thing in the morning. Instead, one user recommended you pick up a book and read. 

You could also develop a nightly reading habit, which would help you fall asleep faster. 

Daily Planner

Time blocking your day using a planner is a productivity hack adored by some Redditors. Although you could use a fancy planner, a bullet journal would also work. 

Simply list the hours and decide how to spend them before starting your day to ensure you hit your targets. 

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Get Small Tasks Done

Sometimes we get overwhelmed because we procrastinate on all the small tasks, which add to huge problems. 

One Redditor said they’ve greatly improved their productivity by forcing themselves to complete small, quick tasks as they come up. Their mantra is, “if it takes less than two minutes, do it now.”

To-Do Lists

Writing to-do lists is game-changing. However, many of us limit ourselves to our daily task list. One Redditor said that although those were helpful, their productivity soared when they started creating to-do lists the night before.

 Achieving this simple task the night before freed up precious time in the morning, when they are most productive, to get things done. 

Forming Habits Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Most of the habits offered by Redditors are simple. Try incorporating some small changes into your life to see if you feel better and more productive.