7 Terrific Tips for Starting a Bullet Journal

Bullet journaling is a creative way to organize thoughts, schedule things, set reminders, and create to-do lists. Here are top-voted helpful tips for starting your artistic journey of organizing your life all in one notebook. 

1. Buy the Bullet Journal Method Book

One shared, “Buy the Bullet Journal Method book. It should only take a couple of days. The book has an excellent starter template copy for your first few months.”

“After that, you’ll likely cut some parts out and modify other pieces that fit you better. That’s the whole point. Don’t let the art part (that’s completely optional, by the way) keep you from starting.”

2. Only Buy What You Need

“Buy a notebook, and start where you are. Use whatever layout and pens appeal to you; if it doesn’t work, try another one. Only buy some bullet journal supplies at first.”

“I bought tons of washi tape and stamps and barely used them. I prefer stickers (I have a subscription to a sticker club) and markers. Super tips are my favorite, but they can get pricey,” another confessed. 

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3. Find the Spread that Works for You

“The most important thing to remember is that it’s ok if a spread doesn’t work for you,” replied one. “But if you try it and it’s not the vibe- don’t keep doing it! I feel we get caught up in wanting consistency in our journals to look pretty and symmetrical, but if you did a mood tracker for December. It wasn’t for you, don’t add it for January.”

“I started by looking online and making a board of different spreads I found interesting. After finding quite a few, I went back through the board, chose what types of pages would be helpful for me, and had different designs as inspiration,” another explained.

“Also, you can be artsy or not. Stay confident with the art you find. For some people (myself included), an artsy format is a way to express creativity and de-stress, making bullet journaling our hobby. Others are purely looking to use it as a functional planner. And that’s ok! Whatever side of the spectrum you fall on is fine. “

woman sitting by a fireplace writing in her journal to represent tups for starting a bullet journal
Photo Credit: BananaStock via Canva.com

4. Done is Better than Perfect

“Let go of perfection. You’re going to make mistakes – and lots of them. So embrace them and let them be a part of the journey. Don’t be afraid to go to a new bullet journal page and try something different for each day or week. Two months can be completely different,” another stated. 

5. Bullet Journals are Versatile

One user admitted, “I got a dot journal (as a wise lady in the stationery store told me – get a cheaper one and try it first to see if you like it). I did nothing with it. Then I added some of my reading challenges there. I managed to get the dots’ versatility out of that experience! Now, it’s a monthly artsy spread that gives me a sufficient creative outlet.”

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6. Don’t Compare your Journal to Social Media

“You do you, as they say. Please don’t do what they do on social media because they do it. Do what you need! At the start, I was doing trackers and monthlies, and collections because everyone did them. But I don’t need them! So I don’t use them anymore!”

“I have one page for the month (goals, stickers, or journaling), then weeklies. And that’s all,” one confessed. Another warned, “Please don’t compare your journal to others.”

“Many people are artistically talented (drawing, using watercolor, and such). Maybe you are or aren’t, but that’s not what matters. What matters is that you enjoy it, and it relaxes you.”

7. Your Journal will Evolve Over Time

Bullet journals have many benefits and are designed to adapt to your needs, which will change over time and even daily, so it’s counterproductive to get hung up on doing it “the right way.” The right way is just to get started,” a final user commented. 

We hope you enjoyed this Reddit helps of tips that are useful for starting your bullet journal!