12 Societal Reasons Girls Are Harder To Raise Than Boys

They say that boys are easy to raise, while girls are handfuls. Is that true, or do parents make raising boys easy because they don’t try as hard?

Here are 12 reasons girls are more challenging to raise – and most have nothing to do with biology!

Different Expectations

Parents yelling at their young child.
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Parents think girls are harder because they have different expectations for their boys vs their girls. 

Girls Get More Responsibility

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From a young age, girls are forced to help around the house. They’re responsible for cooking, cleaning, and even helping their brothers with their chores. Boys live life on easy mode. 

Boys Aren’t Taught Life Skills

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Boys may think they have it made, but the parent’s negligence is detrimental in the long run. Boys don’t learn basic life skills, like how to cook or do their laundry. 

Society Expects Girls To Mature Faster

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The idea that girls mature faster comes from the way we socialize girls. We force them to mature faster by holding them to higher standards and expecting them to navigate social situations with grace. 

Neglect Boys Emotional Needs

Angry child screaming.
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Parents don’t care about their little boy’s emotions in the same way they care about their little girls. Boys are left to fend for themselves and express their feelings without their parent’s guidance. 

Boys Bad Behaviour Excused

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“Boys will be boys,” they say, as they let the kids wreak havoc on a community. Nobody disciplines these boys for acting up. Meanwhile, a girl who behaves the same way receives harsh punishment. 

Harder on Girls

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Parents are more demanding of their girls for everything. They have stricter curfews and dress codes, more chores and expectations. Parenting is more challenging when you actually parent. 

Let Boys Run Free

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Boys are allowed to run wild. They get to stay out late, doing who knows what, with minimal oversight. Parents don’t worry about what their sons are off doing. 

Not Allowed To Express Emotions

teenager sitting on the ground covering his face in embarressment.
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While parents allow their little girls to express their emotions (though they call it “drama”), boys get told to “man up” and “suck it up.” Of course, it’s easier to raise a kid when you neglect their emotions. 

Pregnancy Disparity

Uncomfortable looking pregnant woman lying in a hospital bed.
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There is one biological reason girls are harder to raise. Teenage boys don’t have to worry about pregnancy. While they can get a girl pregnant, they typically don’t have as dire consequences for pregnancy. A girl’s family typically deals with the fallout of teen pregnancy far more than the boys. 

Teach Women Safety

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Because of the pregnancy disparity, parents drill safety into their teenage daughters. They share lessons on watching their drinks, walking alone at night, and avoiding dangerous situations. Adolescent boys can also be victims, but parents put blinders on about that. 

Not Teaching Boys About Consent

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They teach girls consent but don’t teach it to boys. Boys need to learn how to handle rejection, that “no” doesn’t mean to keep pushing, and how to have a healthy relationship. Parents neglect these crucial lessons. 

People Don’t Raise Their Sons

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The real reason girls are harder: parents don’t raise their sons. They neglect their emotions, refuse to teach them life skills, and let them run free on society. We then get generations of men who are emotionally stunted and unable to take care of themselves while blaming them for the problems. 

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