14 Toxic Pieces of Advice Girls Give Their Friends

People often give advice when they don’t know how to act themselves. Teenagers are usually the worst culprits, repeating words of wisdom they believe are true, but that’s actually toxic. Here are some of the worst things girls tell other girls, thinking it’s good advice. 

Flirt with His Friends

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To keep a man’s attention, flirt with his friends! This horrible advice makes the situation worse for everyone involved. 

Telling Him You’re Seeing Someone

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Young girls think men like competition, so they tell each other to pretend they’re dating others to get the guy they really want interested. 

Ignore Him

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Men want to chase, so women must pretend they aren’t interested in giving him something to chase. A good guy will respect your boundaries when you tell him no. 

Don’t Respond Immediately

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We tell people they seem desperate if they respond immediately to texts and phone calls, but it shows that you care and are engaged in what they say. 

Analyzing Everything

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Young women gather to analyze every interaction and find meaning behind the most mundane texts. Most of it doesn’t mean anything, and if something is really confusing, you should ask him rather than the counsel of ladies. 

He’s Just Scared

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Women will convince each other to wait around for guys who are clearly stringing them along by saying he’s just scared or avoidant. The better advice is he’s just not that interested. Move along. 

Test Him

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Girlfriends will go all out to determine whether he’s a cheater, but purposefully setting him up to see if he will cheat with one of your friends is extremely toxic behavior. 

Play Hard To Get

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The other person can’t tell whether you’re playing or disinterested when you play hard to get. A good person will move on, and a toxic person will try to “get you.”

Make It Even

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If someone cheats, you should just break up. There’s no reason to stoop to their level in a never-ending race to the bottom to “make it even.”

It’s YOUR Day

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People always build up the bride on her special day, ignoring that it’s the groom’s day, too. Stop convincing your girlfriends that their soon-to-be husband doesn’t matter on his wedding day. 

You’re Perfect

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Women love to build each other up, but sometimes, they try so hard to protect each other’s feelings that they refuse to tell the truth. We need our friends to tell us when we messed up so we can fix it. 

Forcing Beauty Standards

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Women get too caught up in current beauty fads, and they’ll tell their friends they must do this or that to “look better.” Instead, we should celebrate our friends’ natural beauty. 

Be What He Wants

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You should never change yourself for a man, but all too many women think the key to a man’s heart is morphing into what he wants. Girls will drop their own hobbies and interests for a man and become a shell of themselves with no personality outside of him. 

He’s Mean Because He Likes You

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Everyone tells young girls that young boys are mean because “they like you.” The idea that boys (and then men) show affection through anger and violence needs to end. Women must stop enabling it. 

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