Creepy Behaviors Men Can’t Seem To Stop that Women Hate

Some men are oblivious to women’s struggles while attempting to exist. So fellows, do the ladies a favor. Stop these behaviors that make them uncomfortable. 


A male boss sits in an office chair happily staring at a female employee's behind as she walks away.
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Imagine feeling eyes on you constantly. Women can’t escape the penetrating gaze as they live their lives. 

It’s not flattering, it’s creepy, and women don’t like it. 

Talking To…Not the Eyes

A man wearing business clothes stares at a woman's cleavage.
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We know women have bodies and that some outfits flatter certain bodies. However, when talking to a woman, give her the dignity you’d show any other human. Her eyes are indeed “up here.”

Hitting on Service Workers

Smiling professional woman wearing an orange blazer on a orangish grey background.
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Women in service industry jobs get paid to be nice. That’s literally their job. It doesn’t mean she likes you, so stop thinking it does. 

Cat Calling

Creepy man whistling at an attractive young woman as she walks by.
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Some men genuinely think catcalling is a compliment. It is not. Keep your comments about women’s bodies to yourself. 

“Accidental” Touches

Woman with her hands on her face looking shocked and worried.
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Please don’t use close quarters as an excuse to touch people without consent. If you must touch a woman, tap her on the shoulder like you would a man. Don’t place your hand on her hip or the small of her back as you squeeze past her, and absolutely do not “accidentally” touch her in inappropriate places. 

Literal Stalking

A man wearing a hood trails a frightened looking woman.
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Gentleman, the movies failed you. Hollywood often portrays stalkers winning the girl, but it’s super creepy in real life. Don’t show up to her house unannounced, memorize her class schedule, or follow her around. 

Visiting Her Work

woman serving food at a fast food restaurant counter
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She’s a captive audience at work because she has to be. Don’t swing by to visit her at work unless she specifically invited you. 

Getting Her Number from Elsewhere

Anxious young woman biting her nails while looking at her phone.
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The only acceptable way to get her phone number is to ask her for it. Never, ever abuse your position to gain access to her digits. 

Don’t message her on any work app like Uber or Doordash asking her out, and don’t access your company’s files to find her phone number. She’ll be creeped out, and you’ll get fired if she reports you. 

Inviting Her To Your Place on A First Date…

Woman rejecting a man who is holding flowers.
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Unless you’re both on board for a casual hook-up, don’t invite a woman to your house for a first date. Nothing screams you’re only after one thing more than trying to get her to your home. 

Or Anywhere Else Secluded

Sun shining through a forest in autumn.
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Women must protect themselves when dating. Don’t offer hiking dates or anything else where the two of you will wind up alone together in a secluded place. If you do, women will think you’re clueless at best but dangerous at worst. 

Expecting Her Attention

Woman rejecting a man's advances as they sit at a bar.
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Women don’t owe you anything. She doesn’t have to acknowledge or talk to you if she doesn’t want to. She’s allowed to exist in her space and have nothing to do with you. 

Stop disrupting women when they’re doing normal things like working out, shopping or commuting. Accept her refusal to talk with you. Women aren’t obligated to bask in your glory because you deigned to show them attention. 

Telling Her to Smile

Woman shouting with her hands up to show she's frustrated and overwhelmed.
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Would you tell a random man to smile? No? Then don’t say it to women. 

Women aren’t decorations designed to make your life more pleasant with their smiles. They’re human beings who are allowed to be unhappy.

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