Date Night Disasters: These First Date Behaviors All But Guarantee They Won’t Call

We’ve all had bad dates. But sometimes people behave so poorly on a first date the potential partner wants to run for the hills right then and there. 

Here are the worst first-date behaviors that will have your potential partner scouring for an out. 

Everything’s Miserable

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No one likes a downer, especially when you’re doing something that’s supposed to be fun, like going on a date. People who use their date as a soundboard for all the miserable things in their life likely won’t receive a callback. 

Relationship Hopping

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You’re supposed to learn about the other person while dating, but if you discover they’ve never actually been alone, you may want to run. People who jump from relationship to relationship can’t function independently and usually haven’t worked out why the previous relationships failed. They’re just looking for something to fill the void; a smart person will stay away. 

Casual Show Offs

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Some people think the only thing they have to offer is their money. They’ll drop little hints about their wealth or income to show off. Unfortunately, if they behave this way on a first date, you’ll likely learn they value money and materialism above all else. 

Overly Flirtatious

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A little flirty fun is welcome on a date, but getting too hot and heavy with the innuendos can be a major turn-off. Make sure your date is comfortable before getting too intimate. 

The Exe’s are Crazy

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People who complain that all their exes are crazy are usually the crazy ones. Most of us learned this lesson the hard way after giving someone with a string of crazy exes the benefit of the doubt. 

Getting Rid of Pets

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You should never ask or expect someone to rehome a beloved pet. Someone who would even suggest giving up your pet in the initial stage of dating is not someone you should continue to date. 


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This typically applies to men dating women because women rarely call themselves Alpha, but men who do are usually anything but. A man who has to tell everyone he’s an Alpha is a man that repels women. 


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Imagine your life if you married someone who needs to control everything, from the restaurant to what you’re allowed to eat. If they act like this on a first date, you know it will only get worse over time. 


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Any type of bigotry is an automatic deal breaker for many people. Folks rightly end dates over homophobic, racist, and sexist remarks. 

How They Treat Others

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On a first date, we’re watching how you treat those around you. If you treat your date well but are rude to servers, we know you’re not a good person. 


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A first date isn’t the time to pick out children’s names and wedding venues. We know it’s time to run when someone gets all in too soon. 

Knowing Best

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A date should be a back-and-forth of getting to know one another. Most people don’t enjoy being steamrolled, talked over, and having their profession explained to them. Know it alls should know they won’t get another date. 

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