Ladies Beware! 14 Warning Signs He’s Sexist

Bad actors have a way of hiding their true selves until they get their hooks in, leaving women perplexed at the sudden behavior change. 

But most let their masks slip at one point or another during the courting phase. Here are the warning signs that the charming guy you’ve been seeing is a closet misogynist. 

Nothing Good To Say About Women

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Pay close attention to how he speaks about other women, especially previous partners. A man with a string of “crazy” exes is probably a significant part of the problem. 

You’re One of The “Good Ones”

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If all women are evil except you, he’s probably a misogynist. You’re not “one of the good ones,” You’re his current target, and he will hate you just as much as he hates other women the second you dare disagree with him. 

Put Woman in Their Place

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A man who mentions anything about “a woman’s place” likely thinks her “place” is below his. He’s not looking for an equal partner. 

Har Har Women Bad

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A guy who feels comfortable sharing and laughing at sexist jokes probably shares some of these opinions. 

Ask him to explain the joke the next time he laughs at stuff like this, and watch him squirm. 

Weaponized Pity

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Manipulative men weaponize women’s enhanced capacity for empathy. They’ll say things to garner pity points and make her feel guilty for saying no. He doesn’t actually feel bad. 

The Podcasts He Consumes

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Any man who listens to Andrew Tate is a misogynist. Even if they claim to disagree with some of his points, they’re still giving him attention. 

Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, and Joe Rogan are also steps on the path to hard-core misogyny. 

His Way Goes

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A misogynist thinks he knows better than the woman around him, so he demands he get his way in every situation. 

The Pedestal

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Men who elevate women to a pedestal highlight a more insidious kind of sexism. They worship women as perfect beings and objects of desire, but these women aren’t allowed to exhibit any human flaws. 

Appearance Police

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Watch for random nitpicks about appearance. A misogynist wants to mold his partner to fit his desires without any regard for how she wants to look. 

It’s How You Say It

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Misogynistic men use strawman arguments to keep the women they’re dating in line. They refuse to engage with her valid ideas and instead focus on her tone and attitude. She’ll slowly start to walk on eggshells to prevent upsetting him, and her complaints will always go unresolved. 

That’s precisely what he wanted. 

Body Count

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Men who don’t see women as people feel entitled to comment on women’s choices. They’ll deride women for daring to have relationships before they met his godliness and consider women “used up” if they’ve had too many partners. 

Derides Women’s Interests

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Man things good, woman things bad. If he hates on stuff just because women generally like it, he probably doesn’t like women. 

Your Hobbies Don’t Matter

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Some men expect a woman to give up her hobbies and interests, replacing them with his own. He doesn’t think of women as distinct individuals but as accessories to his life.

It’s Biology

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He sits back and says things are just a certain way because “biology” without even a baseline understanding of evolution, anthropology, or physiology. 

Men who blame their attitudes on “biology” haven’t risen above their base instincts. 

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