Outrageous First Date Stories That Will Make You Swear Off Dating for Good

Dating is tough. You must navigate schedules, dating apps, and chemistry to find that special someone you truly mesh with. 

Unfortunately, most people aren’t it; some are so far off the mark that they may as well be from a different planet. 

Worst First Date Stories

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A user on the popular Ask Reddit internet forum asked users to share their most outrageous and horrific first date stories that ensured they wouldn’t be calling the other party back. 

Be careful! These stories are so crazy they may have you swearing off dating for good!

The Unwilling Accomplice

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One man picked up his date, ready for a wonderful night of get-to-know-you, when she asked to make a short pit stop. He agreed, and only his quick thinking saved him from becoming an accomplice. 

She went inside. 5 minutes later, she comes out hustling towards the car with a carseat and her mom chasing after her yelling. She opens the car door and throws the carseat(which I now see has a baby in it), and starts yelling at me to drive. I freaked and just turned my car off and took the keys out of the ignition,” shared the user. 

It turned out that she lost custody and was attempting to get her child back. After answering all the police’s questions, he left and never called her again. 

The Dirty Pocket Knife

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Some folks are oblivious to their awful ways. One woman said her date’s pocket knife usage completely turned her off. 

“He used his pocket knife to cut me a slice of cake and later scraped some dirt clumps off of his shoe with the same knife. I asked him if he ever cleaned his knife, and he replied, “No, why?” she reported. 

You’ll Eat What I Like

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Dinner dates are great ways to get to know each other. You learn a little about their likes and dislikes and whether he’s a controlling turd who needs to police what women order. 

One woman refused a second date because, on their first date, her gentleman caller attempted to change her order with the waitress after she ordered what she wanted. 

When the Boyfriend Comes Home

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People typically date to determine whether they want to start a long-term relationship, but some enjoy meeting new people behind their current partner’s back. 

One man’s date turned disastrous after her boyfriend showed up unexpectedly. 

“He and I had a super awkward conversation for a few minutes, then the two of them disappeared into another room for a minute or two. She came back and said something to the effect of, “I don’t have a place for you. I’m sorry.” 

I See Nothing Wrong With This

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Some folks are so horrifically wrapped up in themselves that they don’t even realize their behavior is insane. 

One woman smartly asked a follow-up question when her date said he’d still be married if his ex had only apologized.  “Out of curiosity I asked what she did wrong?” reported the user.

The man admitted an unremorseful history of abuse with his response. 

“Apparently, she kept nagging one day and wouldn’t shut up, so, he tied her to a computer chair and went out for three hours and left her there,” she said, adding, “I said it doesn’t sound like she was the one who needed to apologize and left.”

He Took “It” Out

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We all hope dates lead to romance and intimacy, but some creepy pervs push the boundaries. One woman said her date took it out and asked her to look under the table. She did and walked out upon seeing the horrific truth about what taking “it” out meant. 

A Literal Predator

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One woman ran without looking back when her date casually told her he was a child predator who took advantage of his 14-year-old cousin when he was 21. Of course, he saw nothing wrong with his behavior and said it was the child’s fault. 

Eyeing the Waiter

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One man said he ended the evening early because his date only had eyes for the waiter. 

“I’m a guy and can admit this guy was probably totally hot for anyone who prefers men. Square-jawed and muscled college athlete type. I get it,” he admitted, adding that he gave her the money for his meal and told her to ask the waiter out. 

Planning Our Whole Future

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A first date isn’t the appropriate time to pick out china patterns and children’s names. One man was justifiably scared when his date decided they would be together forever. 

“She was talking about how we are going to have kids together and how we were going to go on trips with my brother and his wife,” he shared, adding that it was only the first date. 

Seething Hatred

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Far too many women in the thread shared stories of dates who clearly dislike women. Some called every woman in their life horrific names, while others casually announced that they think women are stupid. 

We’ll never understand why some men hate women yet desperately crave their attention. 

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