Telltale Signs a Relationship is Doomed

You may think you hide the toxicity, but those around you can tell. Here are the telltale signs everyone notices that tell us a relationship won’t last. 

The Way You Talk To Each Other

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How a couple speaks to each other in public gives us insight into how they behave in private. If they’re callous, rude, manipulative, and hurtful in public when they’re supposed to be on their best behavior, we can only imagine how awful they treat each other when no one’s watching. 

The Skeptical Family

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When the entire family takes bets on how long a relationship will last, you can rest assured the couple isn’t in it for the long haul. Our families typically know us best and can likely spot the red flags we miss. 

Different Life Goals

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One wants kids the other wants a life of freedom. She wants a professional career, while he always dreamed of having a mother at home with the kids. 

Conflicting life goals aren’t wrong, but when they’re so far off that one would have to sacrifice all their hopes and dreams for the other, the relationship likely won’t last. 

On and Off Again

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Some folks enjoy the drama of breaking up and the high of getting back together. These folks will be sickly in love one day and at each other’s throats the next in a never-ending cycle of drama. The process will eventually end when one of them has enough. 


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We can’t even imagine how bad things are at home when one partner is so controlling in public that everyone else notices. 

Unfortunately, abusive relationships are notoriously hard to escape. We hope the abused party gets away quickly, but that’s rarely the case. 

Proving Where You Are

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The relationship is likely doomed if you can’t trust your partner to be where they say they will be. We watch with horror as our friends and family do 360 videos or write notes with the date/time to prove their location to their partners. 

The Tension in the Air

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Sometimes nothing has to be said. You don’t even have to be an empath to feel the tension in the air when something is wrong in a relationship. 

Cake Smashing

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Cake smashing at a wedding is a two-yes, one-no situation. If she’s against having her face smashed into the wedding cake and he does it anyway, you can bet good money divorce papers will come in a couple of years. 

Can’t Disagree

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Your partner isn’t your clone, and you won’t see eye to eye on everything. However, the relationship is doomed if you can’t figure out how to disagree respectfully. Disagreements don’t have to end in blowout fights if the two parties respect each other’s differences. 


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Marriage counselors will say contempt is the number one sign a relationship is over. When couples start to hate each other, the relationship is often too far gone to be saved. 

Prioritizing Others

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Your partner should be your number one priority. Of course, if you have kids, their needs come first, but if you’re putting your coworker, friend, or sister above your partner, the relationship isn’t going to last. 

Social Media Love Story

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Some folks need constant validation via social media. If they post every aspect of their relationship to social media to show the world how in love they are, there might be deep problems in the relationship. The social media story might be what they want the world to see, but it’s probably not true.

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