12 Ways To Enjoy Life on a Tight Budget

In today’s economy, most people spend all their money on surviving and have very little left for thriving. They can’t afford vacations, dinners out, or to treat themselves to a new game. 

However, even those on the strictest budgets can find ways to enjoy life’s pleasures. Here are 12 ways to keep life entertaining when you have no money. 

Free Library Events

A small stack of books on the table at a public library.
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Most towns have public libraries that host community events throughout the year. Check your local library to see if they have anything fun going on. 

Learn Something New

A group of young adult students in the classroom. All of them have their hands up, ready to answer the teacher's questions.
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The internet is filled with knowledge that you can access for free. Learn something new on YouTube or take a free class on Coursera. The options for expanding your mind are endless. 

Meet Up

Three senior women happily embrace each other in friendship.
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Big towns and cities have thriving meetup groups offering everything from philosophical talks to coffee meetups. Though some events are at bars and restaurants, many are entirely free. 


American food like hotdogs and hamburgers on a table for a BBQ.
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Potlucks allow you to hang out with friends while sharing the burden of buying and prepping the meal. Everyone brings their favorite dish, creating a giant banquet that no one spends too much money preparing. 


A senior couple walks happily through a park.
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Walking is a free way to get exercise and some fresh air. Take simple walks around the block or tour your neighborhood. Stop and smell the flowers along the way for an enjoyable break. 

Increase Your Income

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If life isn’t interesting because you have no money, you must make more money. Try selling those books you just wrote online. Start a side hustle. In today’s age of advanced technology, finding ways to make extra money is easier than ever. 


Woman meditating outside in the sunshine.
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Meditation is one of the best things you can do for your mental health, and completely free. What better way to make life enjoyable than to uncover the deepest secrets of your soul?

Learn To Cook

A man cooking eggs in a frying pan.
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With food costs soaring, one of the best ways to make life more enjoyable on a tight budget is learning to cook better food at home. You can make divine meals with cheap staple ingredients once you master the kitchen. 


A woman sits at her desk, writing on an old typewriter. She's crossrefrencing books for her work, which represents plot elements.
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Writing is a fantastic hobby because it costs very little money. Most people have a computer or a pen and paper lying around. Your own fantasy world can be far richer than reality. 

Get Involved

A group of volunteers doing charity work outside.
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Nothing gives us more appreciation for what we have than taking time to help the less fortunate. Find a cause and volunteer. You’ll meet people and gain a greater perspective on all your blessings. 

Explore Free Media

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Get a library card and explore the bountiful world of fiction. Listen to podcasts. Read blogs. Take in all the free knowledge and media that surrounds us. 

Try a New Hobby

woman painting a piece of home made pottery
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Many hobbies are cheaper than you think. You probably already have everything you need at home for paper mache, drawing, photography, and video editing, and there are tons of other hobbies you can try for less than $20. 


female artist drawing a human portrait with pencil
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Want to learn to draw? Start with simple images you can sketch while waiting in the doctor’s office, riding the bus, or when you have a few moments of free time. 

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