15 Essential Words of Wisdom Older Men Want Younger Men To Know

Young men often feel invincible. They’re embarking on their journeys to make their mark on the world, and the last thing they want is advice from older men. But listen up – these older men have been there, done that, and this is what they want you to know. 

Listen More Than You Talk

A stubborn man is shouting with his fingers plugging his ears to prove he's not listening.
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Young men think they know everything, and they’re usually too busy telling everyone to listen to others. You’d probably learn much more if you stopped talking and started listening. 

Cut Out Social Media and Television

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Young people can’t take their eyes away from their screens. The whole wide world is out there, waiting for you to explore it. Ditch the electronics and see what’s out there. 

Don’t Seek Validation from Women

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Validation comes from within. Far too many young men waste valuable time chasing “attractive” women, not because they want to be with them, but because “getting” a good-looking woman boosts their self-esteem. 

Don’t Take Things Personally

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People at work aren’t your friends; they’re your colleagues. Don’t take their behavior personally. Some folks lack emotional maturity, and others can only see in front of their own face. Don’t make those limitations your problem. 

Use Protection

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We don’t care how much better it “feels.” Until you’re ready to start a family, use protection. 

Enjoy Life Now or Enjoy it Later

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You have two main options in life: you can put your head down in your twenties, save money, build your career, and live life on easy mode for the next six decades, or you can party it up in your twenties and live life on hard mode for the next six decades. 

Give Yourself Patience

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Lots of people are too hard on themselves. Learn to grant yourself grace and patience. 

Work Out

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The sooner you form your workout habit, the easier it will be to stick with it when you age. Working out when you’re young will help you stay fit and active for decades to come. 

Marry Someone You Enjoy Being Around

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Far too many men choose partners based on aesthetics. They’re hot, so they’re good enough, right? Looks fade. Marry someone you actually enjoy spending time with. 

Save Money

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Stop blowing all your money partying. Put a portion of each check into your retirement account and another into a rainy-day savings account. 

Drink Less

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We all enjoy a night out occasionally, but you don’t need to go out partying every night. You also need to learn your limits. Stop getting blackout drunk, and stop doing an emotional trauma dump on anyone who will listen after a few beers. 

Seek Therapy

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So many men refuse to seek the mental health they desperately need. There’s no shame in identifying a problem and getting help for that problem. 

Be Yourself

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Many people limit their true potential by trying too hard to fit in. Stop worrying about what everyone else thinks, and be yourself. 

Relationships Aren’t Everything

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A lot of young men think their life is incomplete without a girlfriend. Having a girlfriend won’t solve any of your problems. Work on yourself, make yourself someone others want to be around, and you’ll find your perfect match. It seldom works the other way around. 

Be an Adult

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Stop wasting your best years lounging in garbage playing video games. Learn how to clean the house, do the laundry, properly wash yourself, and cook a decent meal. 

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