17 Experiences Every Person Must Have at Least Once In Their Life

Everyone has different life goals, but some things transcend individualism. Here are 17 experiences every human should have at least once. 

Comfortable With You

person sitting alone on a dock over a lake enjoying the solitude.
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Can you sit in quiet comfort with just yourself? Learning to accept yourself is vital for happiness. 

Feeling Passion for Something

Man raising arms looking at the veiw after climbing a high mountain
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What are you passionate about? Not a person but a hobby, a cause, a career, an idea. Everyone should feel that burning desire to work towards something meaningful. 

Seeing the Stars

Telescope image of nebulas in the far reaches of a galaxy to represent astronomy vs. astrology.
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Ancient peoples had a collective experience we lost with advances in technology. Get out somewhere without light pollution to truly grasp the vast expanse of the universe. 

Someone Who Lights Up When They See You

Happy surprised Woman on an orange background.
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Whether a child or a beloved pet, nothing beats the feeling of being someone’s entire world. That feeling when you open the door, and they come running as if they haven’t seen you for weeks beats nearly anything else. 

Accepting that You’re Wrong

Woman looks sorry and is begging for forgiveness with hands clasped in front of her.
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Humans are fallible. No one is right about everything. Everyone should grow comfortable with challenging their beliefs and accepting when they’re wrong. 

Growing From It

Profile of a calm looking woman with her eyes closed and head up. A bright spot glows on her head as if her brain is giving off a glow like sunshine to represent how to develop a growth mindset.
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Acceptance is half the battle. For true actualization, you must take what you learned and grow, becoming a better person. 

Facing Consequences

A bunch of fingers pointing at a man, as he looks anxious and points at himself.
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Actions have consequences. People who float through life, never experiencing any repercussions for their objectively lousy behavior, will never truly grow. 


A happy couple in love. They're sitting outside and she's hugging him from behind.
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True love is freeing. Everyone should experience the ultimate joy of a loving partnership filled with trust, commitment, and support. 

Travel Someplace Different

Happy man dressed like a tourist holding his passport up and his luggage over his shoulder.
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Even homebodies should get out and see a different part of the world at least once. Traveling opens your eyes to new perspectives and helps you challenge your worldview. It may even help you appreciate home a little more. 

Living Alone

Man quietly sitting on a couch with his eyes closed and a calm expression.
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Far too many people hop from their parent’s house to a partner’s house and never figure out how to live alone. Living alone is crucial for learning self-reliance. 


Woman with her palm on her head and a grimace on her face as if to say she made a mistake.
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People freeze because they fear failure, but failing is often a major key to growth. Experiencing a massive failure will teach you what you’re made of. 

Working Customer Service

An exhausted service worker wearing a hat and apron has her eyes closed and her hand on her head.
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If everyone had to work in a minimum-wage food service or retail position, they’d treat the people in those jobs far better. It’s a grueling experience, but it would hopefully build empathy. 

Stepping in the Ocean

A happy woman playing in the sand where the waves crash ashore.
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You don’t have to go in deep, but just a single step on the beach where the waves gently hit the sand allows us to contemplate Mother Nature’s vast bounty and our small place next to her. 

Pet Ownership

A man sits on a couch and lean towards his pet cat, who's leaning towards him.
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Raising a little kitten from the time they’re only a few weeks old, watching them grow and learn, and then sitting with them when they take their ultimate journey to the beyond is a lovely, sorrowful, bittersweet experience that encompasses all the blessings and sorrows of what it means to be human. 

Have at Least One Close Friend

male friends smiling and hugging.
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Humans are social creatures. We need connections to thrive. Everyone should experience the joys of friendship at least once in their life. 


A woman sitting on the couch who looks like she's feeling sad, empty, and numb.
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Life is a roller coaster of joy and sorrow. You can’t have one without the other. Navigating heartbreak will help you appreciate the joyful moments so much more. 


A teenager comforting his sad friend.
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Walking in someone else’s shoes to feel what they feel changes your life. Everyone should try to experience the world with empathy. It will make the world a better place. 

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