Easy in Theory, Tough in Practice: Simple Advice that’s Easier Said than Done

Armchair philosophers love to wax poetic about what others should do. They offer an endless stream of advice that sounds simple enough but don’t realize it’s far harder to accomplish than it seems. 

Here’s some standard advice that seems easy but really isn’t. 


A woman sitting at her lap top saluting to represent discipline.
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Discipline isn’t something you can get from a box. People telling you to “be disciplined” throw those words out like it’s the obvious solution. 

Hint: We already know we need discipline; we don’t know how to get it. 

Build Your Following

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Entrepreneurs will talk about building your social media following like it’s nothing. Social media isn’t a Field of Dreams; they won’t come just because you’re there. 

Building a following on any platform is more challenging than people make it seem. 

Get a Better Job

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Poor people around the country roll their eyes when someone tells them to get a better job. Getting a job isn’t easy. High-paying jobs require training or education that some folks simply don’t have, and some areas don’t even have good jobs. 

Leave that Bad Relationship

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They say it takes about seven tries for someone to leave an abusive relationship, but people will say it like it’s the easiest thing in the world. 

Not only is leaving dangerous, but many people can’t afford to live alone. Others are so mentally abused that they don’t think they deserve better. Telling someone to “just leave” showcases your lack of empathy. 

Cold Call

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Making money is easy if you call a ton of people you don’t know and convince them to do a thing for you. People advise calling or sending emails like if you simply reach out, you’ll get whatever you want. 

That’s not true. It takes tons of emails even to get a response. 

Believe in Yourself

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Those lacking confidence won’t automatically find it because some tells them to believe in themselves. Self-esteem takes years to build and seconds to destroy.


A group of people mingling and networking at a business conference.
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Extroverts may find networking a breeze but introverts recoil in horror at the thought of making small talk with random people to manipulate them into doing a favor. 


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All the advice about learning to code if you lose your job falls flat when you realize coding is complicated. 

It takes technical savvy and attention to detail, and not everyone can do it. 

Live Within Your Means

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Telling people to live within their means only works if they can afford life within their means. With the rising cost of basically everything, average salaries aren’t cutting it. People can’t afford to save or invest, not because they’re spending recklessly, but because they’re trying to survive. 

Work-Life Balance

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Maintaining a good work-life balance sounds nice, but when you have to work long hours to survive, it’s not possible. 

Eat Healthy

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Eating healthy is obviously a better choice, but the advice ignores two vital details: healthy food costs more and takes longer to prepare. 

Those with limited time or money must choose unhealthy meals to avoid starvation. 

Losing Weight

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Similarly, people love telling overweight folks they need to lose weight. While technically accurate, it’s not easy for most people. They have to find time and motivation to work out amidst their busy lives, and choosing healthy foods all the time isn’t always an option. 

Having Kids

Mom at a computer with two kids trying to work. She looks stressed
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It’s easy to make the kid, but raising kids is far more complex than society makes it seem. It does take a village, but that village abandoned mothers long ago. Parenthood is hard, expensive, and exhausting.

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Take Care of Yourself

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Improve Your Life

happy woman dressed in yellow celebrating her accomplishments on a yellow background
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Find Your Purpose

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