Freelance Writers Losing Jobs to AI – Who Will Be Next?

As AI writing bots like Chatgpt continue to improve, numerous writers are finding themselves out of work. Companies would rather pump out free, subpar content than pay writers for good work. 

One user came to the R/chatgpt community on Reddit to lament a massive loss in freelance contracts and brainstorm options for a career shift to feed their family. 

Losing All the Contracts

The Original Poster (OP) said they’ve worked as a writer for over ten years, as both a freelancer and independent author. Chatgpt took their job. 

“I have had some of these clients for 10 years. All gone. Some of them admitted that I am obviously better than chat GPT, but $0 overhead can’t be beat and is worth the decrease in quality,” they shared. 

They also refuted the typical “just adapt” retort. “Adapt to what???” they exclaimed. “It’s an uphill battle against a creature that has already replaced me and continues to improve and adapt faster than any human could ever keep up.”

Becoming a Plumber

OP considered their options and decided on a massive career switch. 

“I’m seriously thinking about becoming a plumber as I’m hoping that won’t get replaced any time remotely soon,” they shared, adding that their father was a plumber and they already know the basics. 

Users Discuss AI’s Impact on Various Careers

The OP spawned a massive thread of users discussing AI’s potential (and realized) impacts on their own fields and the future of work and society as we know it. 

Freelance Copywriters Hit Too

One user said they had the same experience as a freelance copywriter but still see many companies hiring for similar positions. 

“I am a freelance copywriter in your exact position. I’ve now gone all in on applying for full-time copywriting jobs with companies,” they shared. 

OP replied, saying that’s a great short-term solution, but fears AI will soon replace copywriters at companies. 

“ I very, very much hope that I am wrong, but it is my assessment that you are just digging yourself into a future hole. It’s only a matter of time before GPT 5,6,7 and beyond comes out, and they drop you like a floppy pancake,” said OP. 

AI Hurt Artists

An aspiring artist who made decent side hustle income from their craft said AI art decimated their side business. 

“I spent years developing my digital art and design skills. Started a helpful side hustle doing semi-realistic, fantastical portraits of people because it’s my favorite thing to create. Unfortunately, it’s also what AI art is especially good at. Now all someone has to do is use a filter to get what I spent weeks of time and love creating,” they shared. 

Lots of Jobs at Risk

One user said if AI is as disruptive as the doom & gloomers predict, even “safe” industries like plumbing and other trades could be at risk. 

“If {your} assessment is correct, and AI rides in like the four horsemen of the apocalypse, destroying tons of jobs, and it can replace at least 26% of the jobs in the United States…Even if plumber jobs didn’t lose a single worker to AI, it’s likely that demand for plumbers would go down,” said one. 

They explained that with such substantial job losses across the nation, people wouldn’t be able to afford plumbers and would shift to doing the work themselves. 

Another user said those who lost their jobs would try to get into the trades, thus increasing supply and reducing demand. 

AI Can Enhance Services

Many users think of AI as a tool rather than a replacement.

“I run my own small marketing agency, and I’m already working out how to provide and enhance my services with AI,” said one user.

They explained that although their clients probably could use AI to get similar results, most of them don’t want to do the work and would rather pay someone else to do it. “But for a lot of my clients that don’t want to do the leg work, even learning to use and prompt AI will be challenging and time consuming for them.”

“While I think it will change the industry, those who are good at what they do will use it as a tool to enhance their work while those who are mediocre will use it as a crutch and eventually be replaced by it,” added another. 

It’s an Opportunity To Be Better

Many said AI would replace the horrible human-written drivel that already saturates the web but create fresh opportunities and increased demand for high-quality writing. 

“I believe the market for human-created content will re-emerge. I also believe that AI will force humans to become more creative (edit) in ways AI can’t be,” predicted one user. 

But Being Better Doesn’t Always Sell

Many users pointed out the horrifying paradox creatives face. Users don’t want well-researched, thought-provoking, complex works. They want fun, easily digestible bits, which AI excels at. 

OP explained their own difficulty in selling their novels. “My books are deep, introspective, philosophical works of scifi. They are as heartfelt and human as you can get,” they shared. “That’s not what sells, however. The YA steampunk-vampire sagas sell,” they added. 

Others agreed. “This. The best-selling burger is not nearly the best. Same with coffee. Or with clothing (fast fashion). They say AI is only a danger to the mediocre, but being better is no guarantee of anything in the marketplace,” replied one. 

It’s why Buzzfeed, celebrity drama, and listicles sell better than well-researched blog posts. People don’t want to be informed. They want to be entertained. 

How Do You Think AI Will Impact Jobs and Society?

Users in the R/chatgpt sub were divided on whether AI advances would ultimately be good or bad. Some see it as an opportunity to grow and adapt, while others worry about the impacts on the job market and economy. 

Source: Reddit.

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