These 10 Things Would Greatly Improve Our Lives, But We Can’t Get Have Them

As much as we hate to admit it, we often don’t have complete control over our own lives. Often, circumstances around us affect us in ways we don’t even realize.

Here’s what normal people say would drastically improve their life, besides a fat sum of money.

A New Job

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A new job with less stress was the top comment on the thread, showcasing that people want to work and be self-sufficient but don’t want to destroy their health to do so.

Jobs with better schedules and higher pay would improve work-life balance and greatly enhance people’s quality of life.

Mental Health

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The second and third-highest-rated comments on the thread both mentioned mental health, which isn’t surprising considering America’s mental health crisis.

Most Americans believe lack of access is the root cause of the crisis, allowing us to conclude that many people’s lives would be significantly improved if they could access mental health care.

The End of War

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Though Reddit leans heavily American, the user base hails from around the world. A commenter from Russia said an end to the war in Ukraine and the transition of their home country to democracy would improve their life.

We feel for the commentator. The situation in Europe reminds us that we are all pawns to the whims of our leaders.

Good News

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Sometimes all we need to boost our moods is good news. Sharing happy moments with friends and family lifts our spirits.

Another Redditor was happy to oblige, sharing that they’ve been in remission for the last few years. If that didn’t lift your spirits, even just for a minute, I don’t know what will.


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One Redditor took the question literally and offered that the brain’s natural “happy” hormones would immediately boost anyone.

While the brain does naturally produce chemicals that help control our moods, an unnatural boost is fleeting. It may improve your life for a moment, but not overall. 

Lottery Numbers

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The thread asked what, besides money, would immediately improve your life. One Redditor found a technicality that allowed them to answer “money” without answering “money”: Winning lottery numbers.

The answer showcases how vital money is to our lives. We need it to survive. A large sum of money would likely improve many people’s lives.

Healthy Family

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Money can’t buy everything. Connections are crucial to a happy life; sometimes, we only realize that when a cherished family member falls ill.

Most of us would give anything to see a sick family member recover and lead a happy life. 

Never Getting COVID

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The COVID pandemic ravished the world for three years. Millions of people lost their lives, and millions more suffered from the illness’s long-term effects.

One Redditor expressed how much better their life would be if they had never caught the deadly virus. They’ve been dealing with the fallout from long covid for over a year and would love to regain their health.

A Partner

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One Redditor who lamented that they’ve been single for far too long thinks their life would be improved if they found a partner.

Although partnering up can improve your finances, the right partner is essential for a happy life. This Redditor may not realize it, but it’s far better to be alone than to be with the wrong person.


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People with confidence seem to have it all. They get what they want, are taken seriously by others, and seem to coast through life. Unfortunately, not all of us were blessed with such unconditionally high self-esteem, as a commenter pointed out.

The good news for this Redditor is that confidence can be built. It may not be immediate, but if you actively work to improve your self-esteem, you’ll see a noticeable difference over time. You won’t even remember what you were so worried about!

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