15 Skills We Wish We Could Master

With our busy work schedules and obligations, we often don’t have the time to explore everything we really want out of life. 

We don’t have enough hours in the day to do everything we have to do while exploring what we want to do. While scrolling my favorite sub on Reddit, R/Ask Reddit, I came across a thread getting to the heart of the problem. A user asked others to share the one skill they wish they could master in this lifetime. 

As it turns out, many people share the same goals, and some have niche interests that you might not have considered. Check out some of the best answers; you may even find a new hobby!

1. Learn a Language

Man speaking with flags from various countries seeming to come out of his mouth to represent learning a language
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Learning a language was the most upvoted comment, and it appeared numerous times throughout the thread. 

It’s no surprise that more people want to master another language. The US education system fails to teach students languages, and it’s a difficult skill to master as an adult. However, with the rise in globalism, communication will be even more essential than ever. 

2. Play an Instrument

couple playing an instrument
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Playing various instruments also appeared numerous times on the thread. One Redditor said they want to master piano but lack the space to practice, while another said they want to learn a language and play guitar. 

Another said it’s not just about learning the instrument, but they want to be able to play it well. 

3. Crochet

Women Crocheting together
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Sometimes simple pleasures are the best ones. One user said that learning how to crochet a granny square would bring joy to their life. 

4. Woodworking

two guys working with wood
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Artisans can do beautiful things with wood. It’s a skill that takes immense practice and the mastery of numerous tools and instruments. 

One Redditor said they’d love to be able to create custom designs on their own time. 

5. Bird Identification

Seniors birdwatching
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Birding is a niche hobby enjoyed by millions of people. There’s even a movie about the challenge to identify the most birds in a year!

There are thousands of bird species native to the US and over 10,000 worldwide. Learning to ID the birds you see in the wild can make a hike more enjoyable. 

6. Glass Blowing

image of a glass bulb being blown and worked
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Every Renaissance Faire has displays of artisans blowing glass, and one Redditor said it’s the top trade they’d want to learn. 

7. Tetris

man playing handheld video game
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One Redditor said they want to master the old-school video game for nostalgia’s sake. Tetris involves quick thinking and skill to align the shapes and fill entire lines correctly. 

8. Author-level Writing

Woman at a typewriter smiling
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Many of us dream of writing the next Great American Novel. Some think writing is easy and anyone can do it, but this Redditor appreciates the skill required to write a best-selling book. 

9. Not Having to Work

woman against a blue background who looks happy and free, to represent not having to work
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Learning how to make enough money never to work again is a skill that can be developed. One Redditor said they’d love this skill to opt out of the workforce. 

Everyone who upvoted the comment or wants to learn the skill for themselves should check out our ultimate guide to achieving financial freedom. 

10. Feeling Happy

happy woman smiling
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Is happiness a choice? One Redditor mentioned it as a skill they wish they could master. 

Though many say happiness comes from within, it’s also true that our circumstances help or hinder it. It’s hard to be happy when you’re constantly stressed out. 

11. Kung Fu

people practicing marital arts
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One Redditor said they’d love to learn Kung Fu. Mastering martial art takes dedication and athleticism, but the benefit of practicing as a hobby is getting a great workout!

12. Leadership

Woman leading a team
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Some say leaders are born, while others say it’s a skill that can be developed. I’m in the skill camp and believe anyone can be a great leader with the proper training. 

Check out the top skills you need to develop to excel as a leader if you want to master leadership. 

13. Storytelling

Woman talking on stage
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Storytelling is an art. It takes skill to pull people into your tale and have them waiting with bated breath to discover what happens next. 

Those wishing to improve their storytelling games should check out the Moth, an excellent podcast and resource that helps everyone find the storyteller in themselves. 

14. Drawing

pencils and a drawing of an eye
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We all doodle occasionally, but some folks can create masterful works with pen and paper. The good news is you can learn to draw with practice. 

Check out some of our fantastic drawing ideas that will help artists enhance their skills.

15. Cooking

Woman cooking in her kitchen
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Cooking is a life skill we all need to master. One Redditor said they wish they could make amazing meals; I’m sure we can all relate. 

Although knowing the basics is a great start, learning a few extravagant recipes and showing off our culinary prowess would be lovely. 

You Can Learn These Skills

workers huddled around a computer
Photo Credit: EXTREME-PHOTOGRAPHER via Canva.com.

Do any of the skills Redditors wish they could learn speak to you? It’s not too late to start learning them! 

Check out the vast array of resources available for online learning and get started! You’ll become an expert in no time.

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