14 Consumer Experiences That Are So Much Better Now Than Ever Before

Most consumer experiences are a nightmare. We must wait in long lines while dealing with rude staff to get what we need. But some actually improved over time. 

Here are 14 consumer experiences that are far better now than ever before. 

Movie Tickets

empty movie theater with lights shining on the seats
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You used to have to wait in line at the box office to buy your movie and then search for enough empty seats for your party. Now, you can book the seats you want in advance. Most theaters offer a better overall experience, too. 

Driving Directions

Two older women riding in a car, one is driving and the other has a map.
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We used to rely on paper maps to find our way. Now, a pleasant voice and an easy-follow arrow guide us. On the flip side, millions of people lost their ability to navigate. 

Cheap Electronics

Small yellow retro television on a green background.
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Consumer electronics used to cost a fortune. Now, folks can buy televisions, cell phones, and computers for reasonable prices. 


Happy man dressed like a tourist holding his passport up and his luggage over his shoulder.
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Travel used to be overly expensive and complicated. You needed an agent to book flights, hotels, and experiences. Now, you can plan and book your entire trip yourself online. 


A large corporate building with lots of glass windows and the label "Bank" on the top.
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Mobile banking has made keeping track of our finances so easy. We haven’t even stepped foot in a brick-and-mortar bank for years. We can do everything we need to do, even deposit checks, all online. 

Curbside Pick Up

A minivan parked in a space designated for curbside pick up only.
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People who hate the grocery store love the new curbside pickup option. They can order everything they need online and have it delivered to their car for no extra charge. 


Potrait of female doctor smiling for camera
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Why spend hours in a doctor’s waiting room for simple problems? Telemedicine saves everyone time when the doctor can hop online for 10 minutes to offer a quick diagnosis (like a sick note) and spend their office time focusing on people who genuinely need the help. 


A cheerful group of friends all looking at something on one person's phone.
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You can talk to anyone anywhere in the world. We don’t have to worry about long-distance charges or wait months to get a letter from friends in far-off places. We can Facetime them instantly. 

Catching a Ride

A woman adjusts her rear view mirror as she drives.
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Before Uber, people had few options for getting rides. You could hail a cab in big cities, but you were out of luck in most other places. 


small money plants lined up in a row from small to large, showing that if you plant your money it will grow, to represent investing
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A decade ago, people who wanted to invest needed to talk to a financial advisor and a stock broker. They had to trust those folks to have their best interests at heart. Now, anyone can open an account and purchase their own investments. 

Ordering Ahead

woman serving food at a fast food restaurant counter
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We all hate lines. Most fast food places and service counters now allow people to order in advance, so their food is ready when they arrive. 

You Can Get What You Need

A woman sitting and writing with her laptop to represent content clusters.
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Twenty years ago, if your local KMart didn’t have the vacuum you needed, you were out of luck. Now, you can order it online and deliver it to your door. Of course, we still have shortages, but it’s far easier to get the product you need when you need it than ever before. 


Happy man holding a video game controller sitting on a couch like he's playing a game.
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The old-school Nintendo Entertainment System was outstanding for its time. But it can’t compare to the massive storage and capabilities of the Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 5. 


pointing remote at large television screen with numerous on screen viewing options
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You no longer have to be home at 7 p.m. on Thursday to catch the latest episode of your favorite show. You can watch it on your schedule. Finding new shows, music, and movies is also easier than ever. 

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