American Traditions That Conquered the World – 10 American Things Loved Around the World

Some say America lacks culture. But they don’t appreciate the great traditions born and bred in the good ole US of A. 

Our traditions may not date back centuries like those of other countries, but our young country developed some fantastic routines and rituals Americans love, and even outsiders want to make their own. 

While scrolling through the R/askreddit community, I found a thread asking users to share their favorite American traditions. Users from all over the world responded, highlighting some of the very best of American culture

Here are the top responses.

Smoking the Brisket

group of friends surrounding a BBQ grill laughing
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In our nation’s short history, we’ve perfected a culinary masterpiece: smoked meats. One Canadian Redditor said they loved the idea of hanging outside with the people you love most, relaxing and smoking a delicious brisket. 

Americans agreed they love the tradition. One said they couldn’t wait for summer to fire up the slow cooker, and another said a Sunday BBQ is their weekly after-church tradition. 

Chips & Sandwiches

deli sandwich and chips on a picnic tablecloth.
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The French have nothing on American cuisine when they couldn’t figure out how well the crispy crunch of a potato chip pairs with a sandwich. 

“There’s something greatly satisfying about chasing a soft fluffy sandwich with a salty crispy potato chip, that I now cannot imagine eating a sandwich any other way,” shared a user from outside the states. 

“I would have never imagined someone not eating a deli sub with potato chips on the side,” shared another user, likely an American. 

Trick or Treating

kids dressed as witches at a house trick or treating on Halloween.
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One Redditor claimed that the beloved Halloween activity is a distinctly American tradition. An Australian user said America’s Halloween festivities made them fall in love with autumn, while a European user shared they were jealous of American kids come Halloween. 

American users love the tradition. 

“I have long said that Halloween in America is the holiday that unites this country like no other,” shared one user. “What other holiday actually brings neighbors together anymore, doesn’t care what your political/religious leanings are, and is celebrated as intensely, passionately, and socially as Halloween?”


Thanksgiving dinner with delicious roasted Turkey as centerpiece.
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Though some other countries also have a Thanksgiving, Americans love their unique way of celebrating the season. 

“My favorite holiday. What’s not to like?” said one user, listing why they love it: “Secular. Four day weekend. Fine meal and drink, and endless desserts,” they said. 

Redditors from other countries enjoy the American festivities too. “My best friend moved to California 20 years ago, and every year she shares with me her preparation of her thanksgiving turkey, the setting of her table, and the actual event online. We do not have that in South Africa, and I find it such a lovely tradition,” shared one user. 

The 4th of July

Fourth of July fireworks and a crowd waving American flags.
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A user from the UK said they love America’s celebration of freedom, even though the liberty was from their home country. 

“USA might not get everything right, but they for sure have a national conscious that aims to protect things like the Bill of rights,” they shared. 

Americans added that they also love the fireworks and BBQs that now represent the iconic holiday. 

Opening Day

pitcher about to throw a pitch in baseball.
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Major League Baseball has a long history as “America’s pastime,” and many cities embrace it with massive celebrations for opening day. 

“If you have an MLB team near you, the festivities that go on for the first game at the stadium are insanely fun. Just beaucoup people partying in and for a good number of blocks around the stadium,” offered one user. 

Small Town Parades

drums marching in a line during a parade.
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Many small town host parades throughout the year. The local high school clubs create fantastic floats promoting their teams while community leaders wave to their constituents and throw candy for the children. 

Towns may host parades for various special events, including holidays or graduations, and they’re a great way to bring the community together. 

“It’s so goofy but also so wholesome, and it makes me feel like I’m part of a community,” shared one user. 


group of friends enjoying drinks at a tailgate party.
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The tailgating party is an American tradition as crucial as apple pie. Millions of Americans pull into arena parking lots during football season to have cookouts before the game starts. 

“As an American, I can agree this is one of the best things the country has done. Few better things than drinking with your favorite people, eating awesome snacks, and celebrating your favorite sports team,” said one user. 


hot smores sandwich.
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Nothing beats sitting by the campfire, roasting marshmallows, and sharing spooky stories with your favorite people. 

Except Americans found a way to make it better. We add Hershey’s chocolate and graham crackers to that roasted marshmallow to create a gooey sandwich, a delightful treat enjoyed in campgrounds nationwide. 

Superbowl Sunday

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Americans love football so much that we created a de-facto holiday surrounding the year’s biggest game. 

“It’s always fun to see everyone get together and watch the game,” said one user. 

Even those who dislike football enjoy the Superbowl party’s thrill. It’s the only time you may actually enjoy watching commercials, and the halftime show features one of the biggest pop stars of the time. 

Superbowl parties also include a massive spread of delicious treats.  “I don’t really care for football, but I love the SB because of the food, all the wonderful, delicious food,” shared one user. 

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