Behaviors That Scream “I’m Trashy”

Don’t engage in any of these behaviors the internet deems trashy!

Temper Tantrums

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Trashy folks exhibit appalling behavior toward low-wage service workers. They’ll throw chicken nuggets in someone’s face for not accepting an expired ten-cent off coupon and scream at baristas about how they deserve to cut the line because they’re apparently better than the other customers. 


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People who casually drop their trash all over the ground are the epitome of trashy. It’s even worse when they can’t be bothered to walk to a trashcan ten feet away. 

Poor Bashing

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Trashy doesn’t mean poor. Plenty of rich people are trashy. You can pick these folks out by the way they scoff at those less fortunate than themselves. 

Child Neglect

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Trashy parents refuse to care for their children. The poor kids are always with grandma while the parents galivant around town, enjoying a child-free existence. 

Mistreating Animals

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You can tell a lot about a person by how they treat lower beings. Trashy folks don’t take care of their pets, and they’re often cruel to any other animal they meet because they don’t value these other forms of life. 

Rude To Service Workers

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Trashy people think service workers are beneath them. They’re rude and act like waiters and checkout clerks are their personal servants, refusing to treat them with dignity due to a fellow human being. 

Car Decals

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Certain car decals and decorations scream “trash.” The stickers of Calvin sinisterly peeing, truck balls, and the Monster logo all offer fantastic evidence of a trashy driver. 

Bragging About Awful Things

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People should brag about their impressive accomplishments, but trashy folk’s bragging makes others cringe. Trashy folks brag about how much smarter they are than everyone else, their parent’s money, or their latest conquest.

Stealing from Their Kids

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Parents should want the best for their children. It’s a parent’s job to love and protect their kids, but trashy parents see their kids as dollar signs. They’ll take birthday money, steal their identities, and spend money meant for the kid on gambling, booze, and fun for themselves. 

The Grocery Cart

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The easiest test to tell whether someone’s trashy is to watch whether they return their grocery cart. Trashy folks have no problem leaving the cart loose in the parking lot as an obstacle to every other driver. Good people always return their carts to the coral. 

Their Tattoos

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Most tattoos aren’t trashy, but we can’t deny that some are. Face tattoos are trashy 99% of the time, as are tattoos showcasing nudity or extremist ideals. 

FaceBook Laundry

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Folks who air out their dirty laundry all over Facebook for the whole world to see highlight trashy people’s move to the internet. 

No Filter

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Some things should stay private. You might be trashy if you feel the need to discuss the intricacies of your intimate life at a family restaurant or other public space. Bonus points if you’re talking about it with anyone other than your partner. 

No Respect for Others

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Entitled folks who believe they deserve special treatment for existing are truly trashy. They’ll cut in line, talk over people to get someone’s attention and act like the people who don’t bow to their every whim are the problem. 


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