Don’t Tell Us Money Can’t Buy Happiness: Here’s the Harsh Truth About the Senseless Platitude

“Money can’t buy happiness.”

The platitude seeks to stop people from complaining about wealth inequality and show gratitude for the few meager scraps they can get. You shouldn’t complain about finances because true happiness comes from within. More money wouldn’t make you happy; rich people are just as miserable as poor people. 

Platitude Lacks Nuance

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People are waking up to how the insidious saying lacks nuance. One frustrated person came to Reddit looking for ways to counter the empty platitude, and the internet didn’t disappoint. 

 Here are the best rebuffs for when folks tell you money doesn’t buy happiness. 

Money Prevents Misery

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Money may not buy happiness, but it does enable you to escape misery. 

It’s a lot harder to find happiness when you don’t know how you’re going to keep a roof over your head or don’t know where your next meal is coming from,” said one user. 

Money Can’t Buy Happiness, But Poverty Can’t Buy Anything

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If money can’t buy happiness, poverty sure can’t. 

“Poverty can’t buy anything,” snarked one user, offering a perfect slapback to the silly saying.

To Have or Not To Have (Money, That Is)

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One user pointed out that money is critical, especially for folks who don’t have any. 

“Having money isn’t everything, but not having money is everything,” they said. It’s easy to say money doesn’t buy happiness when you have money. 

A Place To Be Unhappy

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Where would you rather be unhappy – in the comfort of your own home or out on the streets?

If I’m going to be unhappy either way, I might as well be unhappy in a nice house,” offered one user. 

Money Eliminates Unhappiness

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Money may not buy happiness, but it can eliminate the things that make us unhappy. If someone says money can’t buy happiness, hit them back with, “It sure can eliminate a source of unhappiness.”

What Pays the Bills?

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“Platitudes can’t pay my bills,” replied one user, highlighting that most folks aren’t after tons of wealth for no reason but need the money to survive. 


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Happiness may come from within, but comfort comes from money. 

“If you’re comfortable, you’re not necessarily happy, but if you’re uncomfortable, you’re definitely unhappy,” said one user. 


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Security ranks second on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. After we meet our basic needs, we strive to ensure we can continue meeting them well into the future. 

“The security of having a roof over your head, clothes on your back, and food in your mouth IS happiness as far as I’m concerned,” stated one Redditor. 

Money Buys Time

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Money may not buy happiness, but FIRE (Financially Independent/Retired Early) seekers know it can buy the next best thing: Time. 

Many people are unhappy because they don’t have the time to do what they love. They’re too busy working to afford the things they need to survive. More money would allow them to work less and enjoy their lives more. 

They Don’t Know What It Means

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Some Redditors said it’s pointless to argue with folks who think a simple platitude will solve everything, especially when they don’t consider what it means. 

Indeed, money doesn’t buy happiness. 

“Being rich alone doesn’t solve all your problems,” said one user. They offered an apt analogy “Money is like water, it is a necessity, but just because you’re not thirsty doesn’t mean you’re happy. People have a lot more needs in their life than just drinking water.”

The Pursuit of Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness

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People who tell poor folks that money doesn’t buy happiness lost sight of the original meaning. It’s not that money doesn’t buy happiness because, clearly, money can buy many things that make us happy. 

However, the endless pursuit of more money to hoard wealth won’t make anyone happier. Studies show that there’s eventually a breaking point where more money doesn’t lead to more happiness, though it’s typically much higher than experts would have you believe. 

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