Fact or Fiction? The Most Believable Conspiracy Theories that Could Be True

Most conspiracy theories are utter nonsense. There aren’t lizard people living underground that control the whole world. However, a few so-called conspiracy theories actually make some sense. 

Here are the conspiracy theories that many people believe might be true. 

Lack of Pockets

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Women want clothing with pockets, and big fashion refuses to deliver. It’s a conspiracy to get women to spend more money on handbags. 

MK Ultra

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MK Ultra is less a conspiracy theory and more an embarrassing fact. The CIA really did poison folks with LSD as part of a mind control program. 

The truth is outrageous, but many tin foil hat wearers take the conspiracy a step further and say violent criminals are government plants. 

The Price of Art

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Have you ever wondered why some paint on a canvas sells for millions of dollars? Maybe it’s understandable when the work was done by an iconic artist like Van Gogh or Money, but why is Joe Shmoe’s color smear worth millions, and why would someone pay thousands for a banana taped to a wall?

Some think it’s a giant conspiracy to assist with money laundering and avoid taxes. 

CIA and Drug Wars

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Though there’s no proof that the CIA is funding the drug wars, it seems likely. What better way to fund black hat operations and wreak havoc on countries to “promote our interests.”

Conspiracy Theories

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The most meta conspiracy theory is that conspiracy theories are created to cover up conspiracies. People push ridiculous ideas like lizard people and moon landings to draw attention away from authentic schemes. 


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Diamonds are only popular due to the De Beers company’s vast, successful marketing campaign. They aren’t all that rare or precious. 

They’re still pretty, though. 


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In such a vast world, aliens have to exist somewhere. However, whether the government knows and is keeping it a secret is up for debate. 

The Ice Cream Machine

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McDonald’s ice cream machines notoriously break down. A fun conspiracy is that employees know how to fix it but don’t want to. 

Maybe it goes deeper, and the machine isn’t even broken. 

Two Sides of the Same Coin

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A famous political conspiracy theory states that America’s two political parties aren’t all that different. They have the same corporate sponsors, and their real purpose is to keep people fighting amongst themselves, so they overlook the corporate fleecing. 

Hiding the Cure

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Big pharma makes money from sick people. Therefore, they have little incentive to find cures. Instead, they dump money into treating symptoms, which keeps people sick and paying. 

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