Not Even Worth It: 15 Things So Risky People Stopped Doing It

As society changes, people learn to adapt. These behaviors were normal 20 years ago, but not worth the risk anymore. 

Answering the Phone

An angry older woman yelling into her wired home phone.
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Most people text their friends. No one answers to random numbers anymore; it’s typically a scammer. 

Public Arguments

men dressed in business attire in a heated arguement
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We argued with strangers in public over parking spaces and their terrible driving. Nowadays, we never know who might be packing, and being right isn’t worth your life. 

Short Layovers

A man sits alone in an airport terminal burying his head in he lap.
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Everyone used to find the shortest layover possible so they wouldn’t have to waste time in an airport. Air travel is so messed up that booking a tight layover may cause you to miss your flight. 

Layovers in General

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Direct flights cost way more than layovers, but many people would rather gamble on one delayed flight than two or three. It’s worth the extra money. 

Answering the Door

A white exterior door leading to a home.
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Remember in the 90s when the doorbell rang and your body tingled with excitement because you never know who might be on the other side? Today, we know. It’s always salespeople. 

Riding a Motorcycle

man riding motorcycle wearing helmet on open road.
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Drivers don’t care that a simple collision could end in tragedy for motorcyclists. They’re all so angry on the road that cruising isn’t worth the risk. 


An unsure confused man wearing a white t-shirt scratching his head.
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People used to have each other’s backs. They’d step in when they saw something happening. Today, you never know how that person will react, so it’s not worth the risk to yourself. 


man and woman. He's holding yellow flowers wearing yellow suspenders and a white shirt and looks happy. She's wearing a yellow dress and looks happily surprised.
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Some folks swear off dating because it’s so hard to find a decent person to settle down with. Are people, in general, more rude, selfish, and all-around awful than they were in the past?

Fast Food

A woman enjoying a fast food cheeseburger.
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The cheap staple is no longer cheap and is worse in quality than ever. 

Having Kids

Three moms sitting on a couch holding their babies.
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Millennials and younger generations are priced out of parenthood. The outrageous cost of having kids and a society that punishes motherhood at every turn make the whole thing not worth the effort. 

People Can’t Afford Kids

Sleeping infant wrapped in light blue bear blanket on a blue grey background.
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Even people who want children can’t afford to have them. When basic biology gets put off, you know society is on the decline. Here’s the truth about why young folks aren’t having kids: they can’t afford it. 


Worried looking pregnant woman in a hospital bed.
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Even if people could afford kids, the current culture surrounding bodily autonomy makes many women think twice about getting pregnant. Many states would rather see women die due to pregnancy complications than provide them with the healthcare needed to save their lives. 


Happy Bride and Groom embracing at their wedding.
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Many people see marriage as a financial trap. With so many marriages ending in divorce, people would rather protect their assets. 


Various cryptocurrency coins on a table, in the background a hand holds a mobile phone.
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Crypto bros try to convince you to buy buy buy, but far too many people lost fortunes in the wildly unregulated market. 

Dedicating Your Life To Work

A smiling business man stands in front of his team.
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Choosing work over life was never really worth it, but people today are starting to realize they’ve been had. Citizens today demand a work-life balance

Company Loyalty

A happy man leaves work with a box of his things while three figures sit in the background. He quit and he's happy about it.
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Why stay loyal to a company that views you as a cog in their vast profit wheel? Businesses don’t care about their workers, so workers don’t care about loyalty. 

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