Rejected Social Norms: 12 Trends People Try Their Hardest To Avoid

As society rapidly adapts, it sometimes pushes new normals that aren’t great for the people. Here are some of the most modern social norms people push back against. 

Social Media Journaling

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Social media is a fantastic way to keep in touch with people around the country and stay informed about the latest happenings in the world. However, many people use it as a personal journal, airing all their dirty laundry for everyone to see. 

We don’t need to share the innermost details of our lives with the whole world. 

Working While Sick

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COVID should have taught us valuable lessons about staying home while sick, but unfortunately, American Work Culture won’t allow a paradigm shift. 

People don’t have sick leave, so they can either work while sick or stay home and skip a paycheck. Those who can afford to stay home do their best to stop normalizing this practice. 

Monetize All the Hobbies

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Hustle culture says if we’re not making money, we’re living wrong. Far too many people try to monetize everything that gives life joy. They can’t paint unless they sell their work, can’t write unless they publish eBooks, and can’t just exist without trying to make money every waking moment. 

Subscription Services

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Consumers are pushing back against companies’ shift to subscription services. It might make sense for specific software applications, but no one wants to pay a monthly fee for seat warmers. 

Endless Consumption

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Society tells us we need to buy more and more to be happy, but many folks are pushing back against it. We don’t need to fill our homes with useless junk. 

Constant Filming

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We don’t need to film every mistake everyone makes and post it online for eternity. Stop making a stranger’s worst day even worse. 

Food Delivery

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Up until a few years ago, very few companies offered food delivery. You could get pizza, sandwiches, and maybe Chinese food. 

With all the delivery services, anything we want is a click away for the right price. However, many think paying for delivery is an absurd luxury and would rather not. 

Consumer Debt

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People don’t worry that they can’t afford things; they simply take on more debt to get what they want. It’s so normal that people don’t even hesitate to pay with plastic. 

Many realize debt keeps them trapped and now reject this unstable financial situation. 


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The shopping behemoth changed the world, but not entirely for the better. It made it easier than ever to grab cheap products from overseas and is notorious for treating workers poorly. 

People who can afford alternatives do God’s work by rejecting the cheap platform. 

Text Langauge

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Texting made people lazy with grammar and punctuation, but some refuse to engage in poor English. It doesn’t matter if they’re writing texts, emails, or books; they’re going to do it right. 

Celebrity Worship

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Our society treats celebrities and politicians like Kings and Queens. We place these folks on pedestals and defend their honor against even the truth. 

Many reject this worship culture and try to see people for who they are. 


Various cryptocurrency coins on a table, in the background a hand holds a mobile phone.
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Tech bros sing crypto’s praises, but many people are rightly concerned. It’s unregulated and more like gambling than an investment. 

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