The Biggest Lies Society Told To Each Generation

As society develops, technology improves, and standards change, each generation gets sold a handful of lies that they all believe as absolute truth. 

That is until the next generation comes along and proves it false. Here are some of the biggest lies sold to different generations, from Boomers to Zoomers!

That Bad Habit Isn’t Too Bad

A doctor holding a holographic image of lungs.
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The silent generation and older boomers never learned the dangers of smoking. In fact, some even heard it was good for you! Luckily, times are changing, and the habit is fading. 


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Boomers were told we went to Vietnam because of the incident in the Gulf of Tonkin, and we needed to stay there to stop the spread of communism. The truth about the incident came to light later, and many realized the main point of the war was to enrich the military-industrial complex. 

Trickle Down Works

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The baby boomer generation bought into the lie of trickle-down economics. They were told that if they gave more money to corporations through tax breaks, that money would trickle down to them. Although that’s been proven false, many boomers still believe the false promises. 

You Can Have It All!

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Baby Boomer and Gen X women were sold the lie that they could have the world. They could have stellar careers, a great marriage, perfect children, and a lovely home in the suburbs.  That lie forced them to work twice as hard, both at home and at work, than their male counterparts. 

Replace Fat With Sugar

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Generation X learned the follies of fat. As they learned how awful fat was for you, thousands of products replaced fat with sugar. We later learned that all the sugar is even worse. 

Hard Work Pays Off

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Hard work paid off for Boomers, so they believed this lie when they told it to their Gen X and Millennial children. Unfortunately, society has changed, and younger generations don’t see the same returns for hard work. 

Your Recycling Matters

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We’re not saying recycling isn’t essential, but an entire generation was told that the global pollution problem was on them and they could save the planet if they only recycled more. In fact, industrial pollution is a far bigger problem than personal consumption, but an entire generation was taught to ignore it. 

The Food Pyramid

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Gen X kids learned healthy eating via the food pyramid and loaded up on carbs. We’ve since learned we should eat more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. 

Weapons of Mass Destruction

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Boomers weren’t the only generation sold lies about war. After 9/11, the government convinced everyone that Iraq had dangerous weapons, pushing the US into a decade of conflict in the Middle East. 

The American Dream

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Gen X had some semblance of the American Dream, and millennials still had the dream. Zoomers were constantly told it was real, but they knew better. 

Major in Something You Love

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Millennials were told to go to college and that the major didn’t matter. Far too many millennials majored in something interesting with lackluster career options and found themselves saddled with loans they couldn’t afford to pay. 

You Need College

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Many Millennials didn’t have the option to reject college. It was forced down our throats as a requirement to get ahead in this world.

No Calculator

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Millennials collectively hated math class, and our teachers proudly proclaimed we needed to pay attention because “you aren’t going to have a calculator in your pocket all the time.”

Oh, how wrong they were. 


Woman with ADHD Brain. Arrows coming out of her head pointing in all directions.
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Zoomers are constantly diagnosed with ADHD, even when it’s clearly not. Medical professionals might be trying to overcompensate for underdiagnosing previous generations, but ADHD isn’t a catch

Invest in Crypto

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Young Millennials and Zoomers just entering adulthood were enticed with crypto scams. Everyone claimed this new currency would make them rich. Though some lucked out, many lost fortunes.


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Millennials and Zoomers no longer believe anything society tells them. Nearly everything, from company loyalty to hard work to enjoying the fruits of your labor, was all a massive lie. 

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